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Saturday, October 17, 2009

NOTD: Konad !

Finally I'm trying on Konad.

First time I heard about Konad I was cracking up because of the name.............KONAD. lol.

Doesn't it make you think dirty? maybe it's just me then >.<

*cough* Anyway, I made an order from WowSoCool, using "nailphile" code to get 30% off. The processing time is fast, got shipping notification practically the next day & they arrived within 3 days.

The shipping is free Worldwide for $20 minimum purchase
so I ordered the stamp & scraper kit, 3 plates and 1 White special polish. I know you don't need to get special polish to make it work but I wanted to make comparison so I went ahead and get one anyway.

I am trying out the musical notes from Plate m73, I have to say my first trial FAILED MISERABLY lol. For some reason I was having a hard time getting the polish quick enough to transfer to the stamper. I practiced couple of times and the results you see is probably the most decent one. I know.....sad, right? xD well, I didn't expect it to turn out amazing on first try anyway, so I'll keep practicing hahaha

(flash & natural light)

EG Minerals Face Primer
Pure Anada Niagra Fawn Foundation
Physician's Formula Mineral Bronzer
Silk Naturals Lovelace Blush

Guerlain Touche De Bronze Palette
L'oreal HiP Eyeshadow Duos in Gunmetal (the dark side)
Thevi Eyeliner in Onyx

Yourlipsbutbetter lipbalm --> LOVE THIS, super moisturizing!
NYX Pumpkin Pie l/s

*my sister asked me what Ulzzang means so I took this picture to show her. Of course I don't do the crazy eyeliner thing because I think my eyes are already scarily big. Remind you, I don't normally don't do cutesy stuff so this is considered a gold dust =P*

So here's me, a Konad virgin supporting Ulzzang look.



Chrissy said...

Really nice for a first try! And I totally love how you did your nails. :D

Askmewhats said...

girl, you own some great looking Konad plates! :) :) :)

Thanks for the sweet comment, it was a great meeting with Ai! she's super nice and we were like old friends! we talked a bit about you :) all good ones! :D I hope to meet you someday too Nanzy!!!

Blovet Beauty said...

hey gorgeous,ur nails are so cute!! i love it!

Sofee said...

love the way ur nails came out and ur fotd is so nice and natural..I love it!!

izumi said...

oooo another konad-er! hahaha, love it. and all i think of when i hear konad is the nad part.. i dunno if that's what you meant :P

and LOL at the ulzzang xD she can probably just google ulzzang and TONS of pics will pop up.

Catherine said...

OMG - I sooooo want a Konad set and especially that sheet music plate!!

wuzzyangel said...

Haha! Love it!! The nails came out great!! I hope you were able to get to the Food & New Products Show this weekend! KONAD had a booth!

And I love your Ulzzang! LOL! ;)

LT said...

Of course you and I have the same sense of humor so I giggled too! Haha.

Your first attempt looks great. I'm clueless about nail stamping. How do you do it anyway?