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Monday, October 19, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze Fortune Teller

Are you ready for Halloween?
My nails do !!!!

If you noticed on my side bar ==>, I have China Glaze Fortune Teller featured whose picture I snatched from Scrangie. Although I badly wanted it, the polish is only available at Sally's and we don't have Sally's here.

To my surprise, one of my reader kindly asked for my address because she had bought it for me. OH MY LORD, I was so floored by her generosity and today the polish came to my doorstep.

I now know what the rave is all about, China Glaze Fortune Teller is so unique. The creme black polish with orange glitter, now I don't normally like glitters but I have to give in for this one. It looks amazing because you can really see the depth of the colors & the glitters actually shows through the black polish.

It applies very smooth, I did 2 coats for the swatch and using Top Coat does help smoothing the polish out. I am so thrilled to be able to try it finally and I will definitely be wearing this on Halloween night. Now onto the pic scam =)


Blovet Beauty said...

hot nails. this would go fab with so many things. u have great taste in nails!!

cleung341 said...

That sure is a gorgeous color. Do you think it will be hard to remove? I have such a hard time removing glitter nail polishes, never seems to want to come off. What's your trick?

Nanzy said...

Hi Lane,
=)thanks so much, I was so excited to try this polish.

Nanzy said...

Hey cleung341,

One of the reason that I'm not so keen on glittery polishes is removing it. This polish is probably the same but if there's anything I can suggest, is using a lot of remover. Sometimes I kinda soak it in, on top of my nails before started to rub because it does help a lot removing harder polishes. hth =)

Askmewhats said...

not bad! At first glance, I thought it'll look scary but it is quite pretty on your nails!

wuzzyangel said...

How sweet of her to get it for you!! Aren't blogger babes the best?! :)

Now that is a cool polish!! Very halloween! But I'd sport that any other day too!

Suck that we don't have a Sally's right?! :( And a lot of other things too!

izumi said...

how nice of her!! ^__^ bloggers are the besttt.. haha i love that i just noticed that i'm totally echoing wuzzy.

LOVE that color!!

Tish said...

Boy that looks lovely, but it sure will be a pain to remove.

Fifi said...


LT said...

That was sweet of your reader! :-)

This nail polish would be perfect for Halloween nails. It has the orange and the black.

thriszha said...

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