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Thursday, June 18, 2009

SoHo, FOTDs & New Eye Candy

Hi everyone!!!

First of all, I'm sorry if I haven't got a chance to reply your emails/comments let alone catching up with your blog & google reader!!! But I will do so once I got a chance because I hate to be missing out hahaha

Couple days ago I went to stay over at Ai's house, to play makeup!! Nah, not's actually for catching up with stories and stuffs, I hadn't seen her for more almost two years. Ai & I used to be roomates and it was just so much fun, we did many things together but most mostly for food & movies. Things haven't changed coz two days ago we met up to watch 17 Again at Grand Indonesia, one of the newest mall in Jakarta.

About the movie..................let me just say Zac Efron makes me think of unappropriate things and that would make me feel like a pedophile. OH MY GOODNESS why hasn't anyone warned me, Beware: Hot Abs ahead! or something. I've always thought of him as a Disney product teenager who looks sweet & can actually sing and dance. Who knew he has this behind those innocent smile --->

So yeah, me & Ai spent most of the time during movies squeaking like a lovey dovey 12 year-old *sigh* The movie was really entertaining, the only "WHAT, REALLY??" moment was when I found out it was Matthew Perry who plays the old Zac they totally do not look alike. Hahahaha I think Jared Leto would so definitely pass to be grown up version of Zac, no?

So after that, another friend of ours, Mita joined us and we went to dine at SoHo (Social House) located inside the Harvey Nichols. The ambience was really nice with all the bookshelves, sofa, and kitchen ware but the foods are a little overpriced in my opinion. We shared a Salmon Pizza and Spring Rolls.


EG Minerals Face Primer Gel
Pure Anada Mineral Foundation
EDM Spring Concealer
La Femme Soft Beige Blush
NYX Circe l/s
NYX Tea Rose l/s


EG Minerals Cascading Angels
EG Minerals Dark Brown
Thevi Onyx Black Eyeliner
CG Lash Blast

I tried on Ai's NYX round lipstick in Electra,

I like classy red but in real life it kinda looks funny on me hahahaha

It was certainly fun day for me, so until next time~~~


wuzzyangel said...

Hey sexy woman!! You look great in all the photos! Soo happy!! :)

I never new Zac Effron could look like that! I haven't seen 17Again yet! Dang!! He's always been the HS Musical boy to me! LOL!

LT said...

Inan, miss you girl. The food looks so mouth watering and that tea kettle is so cute!

You look so cute!

ndoodles said...

Ha ha, I wanted to go see that movie. And yeah, Jared Leto and Zac Efron are def. brothers or something. Both really pretty blue eyes.

Ai said...

WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PUT ZACCIE'S PICS? he's sooo mine! LOL gosh, i'm sooooo gonna watch that movie again and again and again and again...... btw, aku memberikan dirimu award. cek yeee booooo! mwahs!

Nanzy said...


HELLO!!!! hahaha thanks so much, and you need to watch that movie if you have time lol mwah

Nanzy said...

Hey LT!!!

I miss you~ (doesnt I always say that whenever I talk to you?? lol) thanks, Tina..the pizza is actually pretty awesome.

Nanzy said...


Thanks for stopping by!! they do look alike, right? =) come by more often k?

Nanzy said...


ZACCIE??? Ewwww haahahha berasa kenal banget. I saw the award, thanks yeeee =) *cipika cipiki*

Catherine said...

Hehehe, fun night!