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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Haul: Etsy Dennis Anderson

This is actually an old review I did back in January this year, I posted on my Vox but forgot to do it here. Anyway, I was intrigued by this Etsy seller because he is a dude. A dude who makes soaps *w00t* And he's really cute.

Ok....*ehm* lemme get back on track.

His name is Dennis and I believe it's his side job. His father also sells soap (he learnt from Dennis, he said LOL) and it's just fun seeing him & his family modeling their soaps in the site.

Etsy always have this SNS (Saturday Night Special) when sellers would have discounted items/specials, so you'd better watch out for that, and I was gambling if I should give it a shot.

He had a 20% off discount entire store and I am always a big fan of bath cream, which is called Whipped Soap in a Jar. So I picked his Vanilla Cream scent and it was the only one with $0.75 shipping!

When the package came, I was surprise that he included a free full size soap =) The packaging is great, all nicely wrapped and the label is just too cute!

Here is the free pretty soap, Exfoliating Oatmeal soap in Strawberry & Grapefruit, smells so refreshing. Again, I adore the cute artsy label.

I have tried so many whipped soap and Dennis Anderson's on the hard texture. They're more like icing instead of cream, but I still like it. They bubble nicely and the scent (Vanilla Cream) is very creamy & soft. If you'd prefer a stronger scent, I'd suggest NOT to get Vanilla Cream though, it's pretty light in my opinion.

Strawberry & Grapefruit smells nice, very fresh & tangy, perfect for summer. As a soap, it's ok but not the best I've tried, the scent doesn't really linger but then again it's all about preference. I like my soap to have double side job as perfumes too on my lazy nights :P

So there you go, Etsy is a fun way to try handmade stuffs without breaking a bank *scoff* LUSH *scoff* and the sellers are mostly friendly for one on one approach. Watch for Dennis's SNS, he often has $.75 shipping specials!


izumi said...

what is "bath cream"?? is it like a body soap? or a bath bomb/bubbles?

ooo the soap is very cute looking xD

Nanzy said...

it's like a cream that you can scope, put on bath pouf and wet with water so it can bubble & use it as soap =) it's glorious!!! hahaha

Askmewhats said...

Recently, I am starting to go "gaga" over body soaps and creams :)

wuzzyangel said...

I LOVE THIS GUY'S WHIPPED SOAP!! I literally just finished the jar of Oatmeal Cookie Whipped Soap last nite! I almost shed a tear!! It lathers up so nice with only a small amt needed! And the smell!! UGH!! YUMMOS!! The bf sniffs me up after I shower with this! LOL!

Dennis and Brandy said...

Thanks for the review. Yeah the vanilla cream is light, and you are right. Alot of people cant take lingering strong scents and some can. wuzzyangel has one of my favorites. :)

Nanzy said...

Oatmeal Cookie!!! That's my fav too for Christmas, Dennis :P

Wuzzy, what products your fav so far?

EbeautyBlog said...

HAHHAHA I seriously wasn't going to click on that dude link until I read through the line: "And he's really cute."

Read some great reviews on this seller from other bloggers. I still have a bunch of body products left. I'll probably give him a try when they're running low. I must admit though, his packaging and design are so pretty!!!

Catherine said...

Oooh, I LOVE Etsy. My favorite soaper is SoapalayaSoaps but I've not tried Dennis Anderson's stuff yet.