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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Haul: Coastal Scents

Hi everyone,

Yet another haul post! lol

I took advantage from Coastal Scent's last sale to get some more brushes. I am gonna give some to my little sister as she's just starting her makeup passion, I figured I need to guide her to the right path (LOL!!) starting with a good affordable brushes.

So I got these

From Left To Right
1. Italian Badger Blender.........................$2.95
2. Pink Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush........$1.99
3. Pink Round Crease Eye Brush............$1.49
4. Italian Badger Doe Foot Stippler........$3.89
5. Italian Badger Round Crease Brush...$2.49
6. Chisel Fluff Medium Shadow Brush...$2.75

Italian Badger Blender
Similar to Sonia Kashuk blending brush but a tad bit flimsier. Brutally honest, this brush is softer than the SK one which sometimes a bit scratchy after washing. I really like it, I trully believe everyone has to at least own one of this amazing blending brush, it really does magic.

Pink Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush
Holy Mother of BRUSH!!! This brush is so ginormous, but it's perfect if you want to apply one lid color quickly or even highlighter color. For some reason I'm addictive to run my fingers through the bristle, it's so densely packed & uber soft. Everyone needs this.

Pink Round Crease Eye Brush
I have Essence of Beauty crease brush and this is very similar, super soft and great for applying color on the outer corner, only the bristles aren't that packed but it will be perfect for my sister who has smaller eyes. And she loves pink so

Italian Badger Doe Foot Stippler

This brush is also HUGE, but it's great for my crease & blending. The top has a slanted slope, and it's so fluffy & soft, I can't stop touching it! I saw similar brush at Sephora (Sephora Professional Brand) and it costs $22 for one brush...ew. This is a perfect dupe & didn't shed when I washed it. It also doesn't have weird smell like many people have complained.

Italian Badger Round Crease Brush
Similar to Pink Crease Brush, also a bit flimsier than EoB Crease Brush but it's not a bad thing at all because you can do more precise blending and doesn't pick up too much dark color if you aim for a softer smokey eye. This one doesn't smell at all after washing (as many people said), so it's definitely a plus.

Chisel Fluff Medium Shadow Brush

It's smaller than I thought and the handle is pretty short. It also
reminds me of my beloved shader brush from Kirkland Brush Set, it's perfect for lid, lower lash line, or even to apply highlighter on brow bone. I like the Coastal Scents one too because the bristles are longer but the duds is it smells like a wet dog when I gave it a wash. Other than that, for the price is an amazing brush.

Thanks for reading!!


Lily said...

great haul! i've been meaning to order brushes from coastal scents, but i can't get over their steep shipping!

Frond said...

love my pink oval shadow brush... use it quite a bit for blending and fading out a crease color. :)

Crissy said...

I wanted to buy some of these brushes but the reviews get so mixed sometimes. :/ I think that oval shadow brush is a must for me. All the eyeshadow brushes I've seen are huge!

izumi said...

hahah i wish i had an older sis to guide me into the right direction w/ make up xD hahahaa. how nice of you!

Ida said...

great haul! i was thinking of getting some of these brushes too, so it's great to see detailed photos and reviews. but their international shipping is kinda expensive. *sigh*

wuzzyangel said...

Thanks for the detailed review! It's soo hard to pick out good affordable brushes now days.

How sweet of you to stock up for your lil sis's new passion! :)

Erika said...

Great review!!! =)

Fifi said...

This reminds me on how I need a new blending brush so bad. Thanks for the review!

And yeah, I agree with the comments above... their shipping cost is nasty! lol

Ai said...

waaah banyaak sekalii brushes nyaaa! eh, udah sls dong packing nyaa? asik asiiiiiiiiik!

Sofee said...

omg I thought I was the only one who tought cs shipping is carrazzy!! I really like the brushes but its way too much for the shipping...But I reallly love the brushes u bought for ur little sis :D

Nanzy said...

thanks everyone! and yeh, the shipping's not so hot :(

dita said...

that's why i always join a group order :D it's a lot cheaper. at least for an international customer like me.

Mirna said...

Very affordable price for make up newbie like me.... Shipping cost is expensive? ummm..... makes me to reconsider to buy the brushes, lol