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Saturday, May 2, 2009

EOTD: Kat Von D Beethoven

This has been my favorite palette, Kat Von D Beethoven is such a gorgeous bluish/purple color selections that is versatile for day and night. I adore the packaging and they are so pigmented. For a complete thoughts & swatches you can check out my previous post.

So after 10 days of full admiring & stealing some quick-glanced at them, I finally embraced myself to actually use the palette. I am using Mehron Paradise AQ in Light Blue as a base and honestly, maybe I should not have. The reason is because with that base, the blue eyeshadow (Speed Blue) looks too light. Either the Mehron or my camera just sucks at picking up the color.

Otherwise, Mehron does tremendous job bringing out the color and it's blendable. Here are the complete list of my used products for this look.

*Mehron Paradise AQ in Light Blue (Cow's Butt)
*Kat Von D Beethoven in Razor Gray (1)
*Kat Von D Beethoven in Speed Blue (2)
*Kat Von D Beethoven in Sinner (3)
*Kat Von D Beethoven in Leather (4)
*Kat Von D Beethoven in Rad Purple (5)
*Kat Von D Beethoven in Tequila (6)
*Kirkland Jet Black Pencil Eyeliner
*Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara

For those of you who's interested in the steps, here they are (if not, just skip to the next 6 pictures)
Apply Mehron blue base all over the lid, crease & lower lash line,
don't forget to smooth out the harsh line w/ finger or brush

Apply Razor Gray to inner corner

Pat down some Speed Blue to the rest of the lid,
blend out with Razor Gray

Using a big contour brush apply Sinner to your outer V
& under brow bone,
blend out with Speed Blue

Pick up some Leather and apply it to the crease area, blend out nicely

Repeat the step to lower lash line, only I exchanged Leather
with Rad Purple for outer part.
Apply Tequila as a highlighter onto your brow bone.

Apply your black pencil liner, smudge it out and don't forget mascara.
I'm loving CG Lash Blast at the moment

*review coming soon*

I will experiment more with the other colors and see what else I can do with them mwahahahahaahahahahahahaha *evil Dr.Frankenstein laugh*

Stay tuned~


wuzzyangel said...

Great look Nanzy!! The blue doesn't look too light to me! Awesome blending skillz!!

LOL Your little cow is mooning me!

Chrissy said...

What a hot look!! And lol @ the cow.

izumi said...

hahahah!~ where did you get such a cute cow?

i really love this look!! and man i can never get mascara all the way on all of my bottom lashes. you are magical! :P

Mary said...

That's lovely! Great blending and those colors look so nice with your dark eye color.

Sofee said...

that is such a shimmery WOW!! Look..I love it..u blens ur shadows so well :D

Nanzy said...

LOL Wuzzy...dont cha love the butt? hehehe thanks, girl! I actually don't mind the light blue too...was just a little surprised

Nanzy said...

Thanks Chrissy!

Nanzy said...

Thanks Sarah! I got the cow from fonts I downloaded hehe

Nanzy said...

Thanks Mary.

Nanzy said...

Sofee! thank, girl...

Catherine said...

Gorgeous!! I LOVE the KvD Beethoven palette too!! I actually use Ludwig more, but they're such awesome shadows. I haven't actually tried using Leather in the crease though it looks like I should from your EOTD! Did you hear that she & Sephora are coming out with a new palette soon?? Something about candyland colors. I'm so excited :D

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

just gorgeous!!

Amy said...

OH MY GOSH, this look is freakin' gorgeous (of course you are too lol =D )!!!! Thanks for the tutorial! Your blending skills are awesome!