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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze Groovy Green & Latest Haul

Ahhhh Spring is on the way, tomorrow is my birthday and it amazed me how another year seems to pass by very quick.

To celebrate the spring season full of beautiful colors, I picked out some of China Glaze creme nail polish, as this is my 1st time ordering nail polish online, I didn't haul too big..only enough to see if it's reliable.

The site where I ordered is Head2Toe Beauty (H2T). Their service is truly amazing, the order processing takes less than 1 day (I ordered Tuesday midnight and on Wednesday morning they're already shipped, that's super duper fast!!!!!!
Makes me wonder who works behind those orders...............ELVES? lol Hi5 Emoticon

It's a fairly small haul and I ordered all 3 creme colors from China Glaze ($2.99 each), shipping cost me around 6 dollar because they use Priority Mail, and it only took 3 days to get here, well worth it. I am very confident to say that H2T is a superb seller!

What I got:

  • ChG Agent Lavender (from Operation Colour Collection)
  • ChG Groovy Green (from Patent Leather II collection)
  • ChG Spontaneous (from Flirt Two-2-Tango collection)

I decided to use Groovy Green and I am at awe for the creaminess of this pale green color, it screams pretty. I am always a fan of cream finish more than anything (shimmer/glitter/sheer) and this formula really surprises me, in various reasons.

First layer I applied, I wasn't loving it. It went very sheer and the opacity was very disappointing, but having to deal with enough different kinds of polishes I knew I should not speak too soon. And they proved me right, the second layer I put on succeed my expectation to this baby, the color becomes more opaque and almost 'jelly' like, which I adore.

Hahaha pardon me for the picture spam, I am really loving this color, I know it's not everyone's cup of this could look................tooth paste-y?

But I adore it, it's subtle, soft but very unique. I'm wearing this for my birthday!!!
Before I finish this post, let me show you another teensy haul I received from a dear MUA-er who swapped with me, she sent me these gorgeous OPI polishes in Eiffel for This Color (very vampy!) and My Daddy's The King! (creme pale baby pink).

Thanks for reading & for your lovely early wishes!!!


Kimberly Tia said...

oOoo i got eiffel for this tower for my bday and i love it -- it IS vampy!!! you're so right!

and i must say -- you have gorgeous nails and hands!!! RAWR

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Happy Birthday in advanced!!! Your nails are looking lovely in the colours you've posted! i wish OPIs are cheaper here!

My-My said...

Groovy Green is your cup of tea. . . and Spontaneous is mine. can't wait till you try it out.

Anonymous said...

seriously, im lovin the cream polishes. that green looks awesome.I am literally dreaming about that colour. :)

Nanzy said...

Tia luv,

hahahah you meant Eiffel for this Color??? =D yes its vampy & gorgeous!!! and thanks for the lovely comment, hon!!!

Nanzy said...

Hey NicNic,

thanks so much for the wishes!!! yeah OPI is pretty costly esp in Japan...which is very unfortunate

Nanzy said...


Yesss Spontaneous is everyone's cup of tea hahaha I'll be parading it soon!! wait for it...

Nanzy said...

Hey blacform,

LOL I dreamt abt it too, being honest with's THAT hauntingly pretty!!!! Cream polishes are the best~

lvst said...

happy birthday!! and i love opi nailpolish, the colors you have are beautiful! my favorites right now are: opi kreme de la kremlin, opi tickly my france-y. You should check them out if u want

Nanzy said...

Hey Ivst!
Thanks =), i will check out kreme de la kremlin..I have NYX Karnak which is supposed to be TMF's dupe, and I agree, it's a gorgeous color!!! ^^

thanks for stopping by again!

wuzzyangel said...

I really like that green color! Not toothpasty at all!!

Happy Belated Bday!!

Nanzy said...

hey wuzzy,

i just saw your comment hahah thanks!!!!!