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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hot Find: Auraline Beauty

So I was looking for another empty palette & brushes for my pressed mineral pigment when I stumbled upon this site called Auraline Beauty. Quoted from their site,

Auraline Beauty is a line of non-branded wholesale cosmetics products designed by professional makeup artists for industry, salons, spas and retail environments who desire superior, extraordinarily stylish products. With private label packaging and custom color selections, Auraline Beauty designs creative and artistic products that are unique and always exceptional.

What I think it's great about it is that the variety of Makeup products they offer with AWESOME prices, you wouldn't believe it. I think this would be a good alternatives for the crappy C.S Coastal Scents (hey...Customer Service & Coastal Scents have the same abbreviation, isn't that tragic? haha)

Here are some of the products they sell


(all pictures are courtesy of Auraline Beauty)

Gel Liner $4.80

and those are just a few of interesting products they have, I seriously drolled over ALL of their brushes, I want them all !!!!

Now here's the catch, there's a $50 minimum purchase for this site, so that could be the only down fall...

Shipping for US and Canada is only $3 which is awesome, but for International you need to mail them to adjust with the rate.


I have dilemma because I badly wanted to get the empty palette, and 4-5 brushes but I might need to ask if there's anyone wanted to join in......




My-My said...

I just checked out their site. And yes, they have quite a few things similar to Coastal Scents, and even more different items that seem have much more quality. I did start ogling a few items. but that 50 dollar minimum is becoming a real turn off.

Have you tried searching on ebay? There's similar empty palettes, without the 50 minimum.

myystiqueen said...

waaa,,, inan...

that site is AWESOME!!

i've just spent an hour there drooling over all of the products... i'm lemming over their brushes and the palettes... they have 28 smokey palette?? never heard of it before....

and the bags and cases are just too cute...

i'm definitely going to get some from them soon... but not this month.... gotta get myy first part-time job next week, so hopefully by the next month i've collected enough money.... yeepee....

what are you getting though??

Anonymous said...

i've checked out there site before, the 50 minimum isn't so bad, cuz they have so much stuff, but i was under the impression that they only sold to professionals, not to individuals?

Nanzy said...

hi blackform,

the site was originally designated for professional and the minimum purchase used to be $100 but now it's open for individuals and they lower the minimum limit. people have bought from them for personal use, I believe =) hth!

wuzzyangel said...

Wow those prices are cheaper then CS! I'm still trying to offload one more empty CS palette! LOL!!

Yeah the $50 thing is kinda bad, especially since their products are soo cheap, and are copies of what most peeps have already!