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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze Agent Lavender

Yes, it's already a time to change my polish. This time I'm featuring Agent Lavender, another China Glaze from Operation Color collection. I got them along with my Spontaneous and Groovy Green, hoping this color would feed my lemming of OPI Done Out In Deco.

Seeing Polish Pixie's post yesterday made me go DAMN I want Done Out In Deco so bad, so today I chose this China Glaze Agent Lavender, a more whited out version of DOID.

I think it's a spring kick, I have been feeling a soft pastel colors for my nails, and these newest China Glaze were my first pastel collection. I'm actually pretty surprised that they actually look decent with my warm skin tone.

Agent Lavender applied like a dream, very smooth and super opaque even on the 1st coat. Again, I messed up some spots so I had to do another 2nd layer to cover them up =P This one dries waaaaaaaay quicker than Spontaneous, perhaps the consistency isn't too thick. I really like this color, I personally think it would be office suitable color, and it's super fun for spring & summer!

Btw I cut my nails shorter than usual, so bare with the funny looking shape =)

Another similar color I found would be Zoya Miley but I have a feeling Miley would be a little bit sheerer than Agent Lavender.

China Glaze collection can be found online at Ebay, 8ty8 and H2T or your local salon / beauty supply store.


wuzzyangel said...

funny looking shape?! Girl your nails ALWAYS look perfect!! Seriously!!

Ohh this is a pretty color!!

Karley said...

I LOVE the lavender!!! I shall be buying this one :)

Cheryl Anne said...

your nails are PERFECT! I did my nails lat night, and although it's a'right, it's not like yours.

What's your cuticle secret?

Nanzy said...

Hey Cheryl Anne,

Thanks alot =D I've been using Cleanse Your Soul Cuticle Salve and it works great for me...hehe hope that helps!

kellie said...