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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Press My Pigments

EG: Earthen Glow Minerals
TMM: Taylor Made Minerals
TSS: The She Space
MAC: .........I have no idea.......... LOL

I need a masseuse !!!!!

I spent the whole day pressing my pigments, it's definitely harder and more time consuming than I thought it would be...*rub neck & back*.

Everything started with the arrival of my 15 empty palette I bought from Wuzzyangel who is having a sale, she's a doll & kindly included some freebies too ^_^ THANKS hon!!!

So I prepared stuffs I needed like pigments, alcohol, paper towel, a quarter, fabric (I cut an old thin jeans), q-tip, mixing jar, spatula, liquid binder (I used Biosilk because I don't own EZ Press) and flat iron.

I recently received these MAC pigment in swap, so I did 2 different ways of pressing,
  • Alcohol & Flat Iron for MAC Pigments
  • Biosilk + Alcohol for mineral pigments (flat iron is optional)

It's super messy, I'm telling I'm a clutz so my hands seriously looked like a 3 year old's playing watercolor UNATTENDED. These two pics were only some mess I captured, I had to wash my hands like gazillion times today...thank God for moisturizer!!!

Here is the picture of this palette with decoration...
I used most of my Dragon Paisley stickers =)

I'm still drying them at the moment, so if anyone would want a swatch, just let me know ^_^



Askmewhats said...

wow, i can feel your pain Nanzy, but the outcome is wonderful! You have wonderful pressed pigments! :)

My-My said...

ok, you are the ultimate pro at pressing pigments. YOU MADE DUOS!

Jen said...

what are biosilk? and where can you get them? Is that hair stuff?? I'm confused? lol =)

Nanzy said...

Hi Jen,

Yes, it's the Biosilk hair serum =) Biosilk has similar ingredients as EZ Press from Coastal Scents and works as great if not better ^_^


Nanzy said...

My-My !

lol you cracked me up..I had to do split ones coz I had so many samples and they're small..doesnt fit 1 pan hahah

Nanzy said...

come massage me pleaseeeeeeeee
lol thanks hon!

wuzzyangel said...

DANG girl!! You really did fill up the palette in 1 day!! I never heard of using Biosilk to press!! I have the CS EZ Press... It's kinda weird, but it works!

I love the dual piggie pans!! How'd you do that?! It sooo fricken cool!! :D

I'm glad everything worked out for you! Did you get your magnets yet?

ps. I'm now stalking you!! LOL!!

Nanzy said...

hahahaha I told ya my neck suffered!!
and yeah I cut my magnets on's like paper thin =) went to Longs yesterday they sell but kinda expensive. Haven't checked Walmart tho =)

the duo colors mwahaha I just cut my old phone card to fit pan's diameter, pour the 2 colors and took the card out when they're ready to press =P

I'll stalk you too hahaha

HiGHLYFE said...

I'm loving your palette. That's cool how you split pans. I think I will do that with my samples. I'm tired of going through the baggies.

Nanzy said...

Hey there Highlyfe!

I saw you're also pressing pigments, pls update me on how they turn out =)
and thanks...the splitting does help with my samples baggies ^_^

jen said...

Really the hair stuff?? I have never heard of using that stuff to press eyeshadow pigments.. interesting.. is it eye safe? =)