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Saturday, February 21, 2009

For the Love of the Taupe

Me & Aaron have been a nightwatcher, we slept at 4.30 AM and woke up around's a bad habit, I know but we ARE trying to fix our schedule although my addiction to coffee and late night chat hobby of mine don't really help.

So last night around 1 AM we drove around and stopped by Don Quijote, I always like that place although it's so darn ghetto lmao, it reminds me of Japan so much...the products they sells, the songs...everything.

I know that's also the only place that sells NYX besides the tiny winy section of Longs Drugs, and WHOOT I was so surprised to see they have expanded the NYX Isle, not only they have lipglosses, now they also sell eyeliners & nail polishes.

To sweetened up my midnight, NYX was having 25% sale, so I just had to get something.

My eyes were laid on this gorgeous taupe-y nude color called KARNAK, I was like 'what the heck is Karnak?' .. so when I got home I googled it and turns out Karnak is a temple complex located in Egypt, the sandy color of the temples & statues there look exactly like this nail polish =)

LOL you must be like 'why do you care?' .. hahahaha Honestly, for me it's always interesting to know a background or history of a name or something sounds alien because it always make them appear somewhat more 'valuable'.

or it's just my curiosity.

So anyway, here's how the color in the bottle looks like

with indoor lighting

I also snatched NYX e/s in ROOT BEER..yup, I had NOT got one!

what a gorgeous shade...

that's all for tonight!


wuzzyangel said...

Haha!! It's still weird for me to say Don Quiote! I still call it Daiei or Holiday Mart! But you go to the one in town right? Jeez I haven't been in that one for YEARS!! Shows how much I go into town! LOL!

That color looks great on your nails! Not to mention your nails themselves have great shape!!

Gotta love anything 25% off!!

Nanzy said...

LOL yeah it used to be Daiei, right? It's weird for me because when I was in Japan I used to go to Don Quijote AND Daiei..they're 2 different store! hahaha and yes it's the one in so you live around Waipahu?

thanks btw! like that shade myself

Askmewhats said...

Girl! that's a wonderful nail color! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

♥♥Stephy said...

im gonna go to don quiote now!! hahhaha..

do u know how long the sale is till?

My-My said...

Lucky you to have another place to get NYX items. I'm stuck with Long Drugs and the "tiny winy" section. lol.

I do love that nail color. And it's GOOD that you care about history of a name or sound. It not only makes the name more valuable, it makes the brain more valuable.

. . . wow, that sounded cheesy. But you get what I mean. :P

Nanzy said...


^_^ glad you love it's good deal for $2.24 right?

Nanzy said...


hahaha go get'um!!! but Idk until when they have the sale...had a feeling it'd be there for a while :P

Nanzy said...


hahaha tiny winy section is better than nothing, right? ;)
and I got what you mean...brain should be used, not abused....LOL talkin' bout cheesy!!!

Iyah said...

Omgoodness! That is such a gorgeous shade! I love natural looking nails :) My nails are too brittle. Ive tried a lot but they still break. :(

Ohh, lemme know what the hubby thinks of my post. hahah

Devi said...

I love the Taupe color on your nail polish! Lovely!

lvst said...

wow, i love this color. Lovely nude color, i think i'm gonna order it!

Anonymous said...

Hi gorgeous!

Love the post :) I was searching google for NYX Karnak pictures for my blog, can I use your photo of the colour? My camera doesn't work and I am unable to take a picture of it :(
Thanks so much

Nanzy said...

Hey Tanya!!

=) cute blog you have, and yes u can use my photos...thanks for asking in advance! Karnak is gorgeous, isn't it?