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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Banner & Holy Mother of Swap

What do you guys think?

The caricature was done by my very own uncle who is a professional painter =) I think it does look like me hehehehe

He's a funny guy & always drew something for me & my siblings when we were a kid, so when I wanted a new header for my blog I couldn't think of anyone better (well, other than Lili hahahaha)

My uncle recently won the 1st price of Team Epic Comic Competition, his name is Tea Seroya (I know....tea....but Indonesians pronounce it differently and it doesn't mean 'tea' as in English). This one is his work, if anyone is interested to see.

So other than that, I just received a swap I did with one of MUA sweety, I swapped my Bissy's Boutique Softest Scrub with her BBW Fresh Vanilla Body Spray. It took longer than she wanted it but they arrived safe & sound.

She generously included lots of freebies, I meant LOTS ! A full size of BBW Fresh Vanilla Bubble Bath and 2 Jojoelle Organic Infusion Light Lotions in Iced Tangerine Cupcake & Iced Pumpkin Cupcake (I believe these two are JJE Holiday scents).

Iced Tangerine Cupcake smells like a fresh orange with vanilla and cake note...I seriously thought it's edible =)

Iced Pumpkin Cupcake is super yummy, a non-spicy pumpkin that is toned down with a creamy vanilla (reminds me of Bissy's Pumpkin Crunch Noel).

Fresh Vanilla smells similar like Warm Vanilla Sugar, which is my favorite, but it's less foody and a tad sweeter vanilla, it's gorgeous and I can see myself layering this scent with many others.

Another pleasing swap experience =)

p.s// If you are by any chance like what my uncle did up there and interested to get a caricature for yourself or anyone you know, don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail so I can forward you to him (and prolly give discount too ^_^)


myystiqueen said...

NANZY..... the drawing really really looks like you.... even before i read your post, i had recognized it....

and yay for the new BANNER.... ^^

Devi said...

Cute banner! And yes, it looks like you :)

Titty said...

OMG! He has a name ALMOST as close to me. How do you pronounce his name?

IT DOES look like you!

Nanzy said...

thanks, hun! hahaha it does look like me huh?

Thanks Devi..

Hey gorgeous...hahaha yea too bad the pronunciation is different, it's like how you'd say "Te Amo" but eliminate the -mo.


Shen said...

fab banner! your uncle is very talented. :)