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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Isle of Eden Haul

This is an overdue post I've been trying to put up, which is a haul from the infamous Isle of Eden.

I made this purchase a little bit more than 2 months ago, it may sound crazy to have to wait that long but for those of you who's not familiar with E-tailer, there's such thing as "Turn Around Time" or TAT which means we have to wait til the products are made (fresh!). Now, many e-tailers struggle on keeping the TAT under control, but Isle of Eden is unfortunately one of those who failed.

Many IoE customers are very unhappy about this but funny enough they keep ordering during great sale (when I say 'great' it means FREE SHIPPING and 50% off sale) -which what I did- but what I did differently was I didn't LOOK FORWARD for the package, I sort of 'forget' about it because I knew it'd take forever and I can be very impatient whenever I'm too excited about something.

Funny enough, I have never experience the bad customer service of IoE everyone's been talking about. Whenever I ask something or send e-mail, Alexa (IoE owner) responded. If she was unavailable, there's always someone else replying. So I have no complaints so far.

Without further ado, here's the pictures, the finally came after almost 60 days.


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The Scents Descriptions

DIRT CAKE: Rich dark chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate coffee folded in.

ROYAL BLACKBERRY MARSHMALLOW WHITE CAKE: Juicy royal blackberries, fluffy marshmallows galore, and delicious, fluffy, fresh-baked white cake.

HANUKKAH GELTINI: Golden delicious apple, white chocolate liqueur, drizzle of caramel, dark chocolate coins.

SUNRISE IN THE CEMETERY: Cinnamon-vanilla french toast, cafe latte, brown sugar whipped caramel cream.

NORTHPOLE PEPPERMINT: Creamy vanilla with peppermint (reminds me of BBW Twisted Peppermint)

Everything smells amaaaaaazing. My favorite right now is probably Dirt Cake, it's a scrumptious chocolate with coffee note, not overpowering, just right amount. Royal Blackberry Marshmallow White Cake is also so dang good, I love berry scents and adore go figure!

Hanukkah Geltini smells like a juicy macintosh apple, the caramel chocolate hasn't appear as strong so I'll let it sit for a while. Sunrise in the Cemetery is a famous '07 scents that was brought back for some period of time and I now know WHY. OMG it's so yummy, I just want to dig & dig for more, coz it's that good.

btw the jar/packaging is new, these jars are shorter but has wider lid to make it easy to dig thru the scrubs. I'd honestly prefer this one because it's easier to stock on top of each other without worrying they would fall down.