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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Yesterday on Halloween night I went out to see the Haunted House called Shockhouse, which is surprisingly not bad hehehe I went with Aaron and another friend of ours. None of us dressed up, but Tomas, the friend, brought his mask along. It looks like an angry china-man (which is funny coz he's Chinese) and during night time, you couldn't really tell if he's wearing a mask. He just looked.......old & angry. LOL.

Yeahhhh he scared one or two kids last night, poor souls. But I saw pretty interesting costumes as we strode along Waikiki area, some cute babies with Barnies and Elmo costumes (I was 'this' close to snatch them lol), Love Guru guy carrying flowers...he gave me one and said "You smile is like a sunshine to my heart...". Pretty awesome bahahaha. Also saw a woman wearing a Penis costume, her balls were too small tho', no pun intended :D The rest are pretty regular & obvious, like bunches of school girls dressing up as School Don't they wanna be someone ELSE? hahahaha And of course, Fairys, Witches, Spartans, Power Rangers, etc. The new stuff I saw was a guy wearing Jabbawockeez outfit....which didn't quite work because the guy was just by himself, perhaps he couldn't convince his buddies to be the group heheh

Oh well, I had fun although watching people...btw I decided to wear makeup, it's been a while since I touched my MMU stash =P

Yeh, still had some bumps on my foreheads but my skin has gotten better,
thx to GoW Coconut Cream : )

EDM Medium Tan Intensive Foundation
EDM Spring Concealer
Joppa Finishing Silk
EG Minerals Melon Blush (tried for the 1st time, it's so prettty !!!)


Thevi Onyx Automatic Eyeliner (smudged)
Maybelline Full'n'Soft Mascara


NYX Mars l/s

I also noticed now my hair has gotten healthier since I trimmed it and used SLS-free shampoo. I only let it air-dry and now my hair texture is soft-wavy...just like what I wanted if I try to curl my hair with flat/curling iron. Isn't it awesome? Yay for healthier hair !!!

I accidentally took this pic below while on the road with windows down and the wind was blowing my hair onto my face. Pretty surprised coz the result was decent and appropriate for the theme of the night.

Happy Halloween, everybody !

I'll crawl into your dreammmm


Askmewhats said...

happy halloween! :) I'm glad your hair is healthier :) Its ok for you to crawl into my dreams, you look pretty :D

Ai said...

wish i could see some of the pics from the haunted house tho :( tomas looks scarier in real life bahahaha *joking tomas =P*

how's the weekend? mine is pronounced l-a-m-e and we got LOSER >_<

Ai said...

eh btw, muka lo jadi bersih gitu.. hebat yaa GoW O WOW! huhu paypal gw masih blm ada kabar :(

xJUDYx said...

thanks a bunch! i'll def let you know which one i pick!