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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tag: 365 Days Ago

I looked like this:

What were you doing in the picture?

Attending my senpai's (senior's) wedding in Jakarta. He's Indonesian and married a lovely German girl, who is also my senpai from my Uni in Japan, I call her Mbak Anna-Banana (Mbak is Indonesian word for 'Miss"). I wasn't into Mineral Makeup back then, so I must have used some MAC...can't recall tho.

Anything you missed from last year?

Yessss, my college life & my super hilarious girl friends. And Japan.

Do you think you've changed over a year?

Oh yeah...I'm more negative now (it's a bad thing, and trying to get rid of that) but of course, more life experience.

If God asked you if you wanted to go back to where you were last year, what would you say?

I said, no, God...thank you for offering but past is past and no matter how much I wanted to change some things back then, I know everything happened for a reason, and it made me, Me.


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Ai said...

i miss japan, too :( yay i'm one of your super hilarious girl friends! LOL as if..

xJUDYx said...

i was wondering if you could rec. a good company that sells a REALLLY yummy mint chocolate chip body wash/scrub/anything for the shower.

thanks in advance! =]