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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Earthen Treasure Haul

Finally my Earthen Treasure order came in today. I had a little bit of problem with this package, I received a box couple of weeks ago, basically after 25 day of TAT (they were closed for a while to process huge orders), I got excited to try my stuffs but when I opened, I found out that they're not mine, the name & address are correct but all the items are definitely someone else's.

So I mailed Barbara (owner) to tell her that she sent a wrong package, and she replied me back, saying sorry & asked me to send the box back to her. She later refunded all the shipping costs and shipped my correct one.

Barbara is nice, she let me revise my order (some scent I wasn't so thrilled about anymore) and said she'd included a gift certificate as an apology for making me wait so long.

Oh well, God bless my patience LoL

So here's my order (notice they have new labels now):

1 oz Moisturizing Body Yogurt: ~ Macintosh Apple
1 oz Perfumed Moisturizing Gel: ~ Firefly
Purse Size Moisturizing Body Spray: ~ Irish Mocha
Purse Size Moisturizing Body Spray: ~ Amour de Cacao Type
Purse Size Moisturizing Body Spray: ~ Ralph Hot Type
1 oz Honey & Shea Hand Lotion: ~ Fancy Type
1 oz Honey & Shea Hand Lotion: ~ Miss Dior Cherie Type
1 oz Honey & Shea Hand Lotion: ~ Blackberry Musk
1 oz Honey & Shea Hand Lotion: ~ Orange Cream

they include freebies:

2 oz Nancy's Fluffy Stuff: ~Blackberry Filled Butter Cookies
Purse Size Moisturizing Body Spray: ~ Kallima
.5oz Super Moisturizing Butter Bar: ~ Un Bois Vanille Type

Lotion Porn

Body Sprays

Freebies w/ old packaging

Scent reviews:

*I know all her dupes are awesome, so I ordered mostly her dupes...and I am not disappointed*

  • Comptoir Sud Pasifique Amour de Cacao Type: whenever I go to Sephora I always sniff this fragrance and think how gorgeous this chocolate scent is. Now that I received ET version, boy I was floored, it's dead-on, the yummy dark chocolate with vanilla and orange zest. A must have.
  • Jessica Simpson Fancy Type: I don't like this miss Romo, but this line is gorgeous (of course, it wasn't her who formulated the fragrance), a very pretty & unique blend, it's fruity, it's floraly, it's foody....seriously. The note is pear, apricot, red fruits, gardenia, jasmine, caramel, almond, creamy crystals and vanilla creme. It's very lovely.
  • Miss Dior Cherie Type: oh my sweet Cherie, lovely strawberry & orange with musky and floral drydown. It is tho, very strong, so I don't think I will wear it on day time. Headache giver!
  • Ralph Hot Type: yummy caramel & mocha, I am surprise because I must have been thinking something else when ordering, I thought it'd be fruity LoL but it's a pleasant surprise. It's actually not too foody either, like there's a pretty flower in the background. I like it.
  • Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille Type: you know Serge Lutens is a hardcore fragrance line, by hardcore I meant you should not expect a simple scents, it's so complex I can't even pinpoint what's the note of this one lol. On a cold sniff I got vanilla (doh), sandalwood, and a little bit of almond, but apparently according to the site there's also coconut milk, licorice, tonka bean and some other funky names I've never heard of. Anyway, I love this scent, it's soft yet unique vanilla. yumm...
  • Irish Mocha: OH MY GOD, I think Barbara has successfully packed all the true scent of warm chocolate mocha into this spray bottle, seriously, it's very realistic. The scent is more chocolate-y than coffee-y (doesn't it sound retarded? lol) my favorite!!!
  • Orange Cream: yummy sweet orange (like blood orange) with vanilla, simple yet delicious.
  • Macintosh Apple: the truest, crispiest apple scent ever, I've smelled candyish apple, and I think it's somewhat too sweet, but this one is different.
  • Blackberry Musk: this is the scent where you go "WTF?" at first sniff, I was disappointed but I decided to apply it on my skin, and I'm glad I did. The drydown is a creamy blackberry and a musk, very true to its name.
  • Firefly: Vanilla Bean Noel and lemon blend, it's nice but doesn't set my world on fire.
  • Blackberry Filled Butter Cookies: yumm, on cold sniff it smells like car air freshner, very lemon-y (which is weird coz none of the note is lemon/lime) but it dries down to a buttery berry scent.
  • Kallima: this is probably the least favorite, it says it has buttermint candy, marshmallow cupcakes, and vanilla waffer...but I didn't get any of those, in fact, it smells fruity & sickly sweet on my skin.
I also received a swap with a super nice fellow MUA-ers, I sent out my CYS Pumpkin Whipped Cream roll on which I wasn't too fond of, to sweet for my liking. And I swaped it with Isle of Eden scrubs decants. Marshmallow Snowcake & Strawberry Milkshake Sundae.

Yes, 2 of them :D I was so excited to try new scents from IoE.

She kindly included Toadstool Shower Gel in Shangri-La which smells exactly like BITP Erotic Goddess (Lavender + Coconut Milk), and Gourmet Bath Shoppe Soap in Strawberry Musk.

IoE Strawberry Milkshake 'Sundae' scrub
(bath cream & scrub)

IoE Marshmallow Snowcake scrub

My nose is numb right now, too much sniffing for 1 day LOL


Ai said...

supeeeerrrrr HAUL! which one you like best? oohh i'm still craving for some bath cream.. pls pls paypal..

myystiqueen said...

wow..... what a haul.... ^^

enjoy it!!!

Nanzy said...

hehehehe I like Firefly (creamy vanilla-lime), Amour de Cacao (orangey chocolate), Irish Mocha (yummy mocha)...ahh I like everything except Kallima hehe