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Monday, October 13, 2008

This Video Makes Me Sick...

I found this on Youtube:


I'm Indonesian and I'm offended by saying Obama's a Muslim SLASH terrorist because he spent couple of years in Indonesia.

Let me tell you something, Indonesia has 222 million people living in it, and not everyone's a terrorist. Regardless the fact Indonesia is Muslim-majority nation, it is NOT a Muslim country. We have 5 state recognized religions, and yes, we may have had some religious-related issues on our history but the fact is we live side by side PEACEFULLY. I feel sorry for people out there who assume living in Indonesia automatically makes you a Muslim, I hope they realize it takes more than that to commit into a religion.

Those tight ass Republicans said Obama is a terrorist because he's got THE blood line.
Oh my, I hope she wasn't talking about his Indonesian step-father because they DON'T SHARE BLOOD LINE.

I'm a Christian but I have tons of Muslim friends and I know how they feel, they're not fond of terrorist either. Al Qaeda is an extreme and misleading religious belief and believe me, I hate their practice as much as you all do, but generalizing all Indonesians are terrorists is just...plain stupid.

Gosh, even Obama didn't have enough time to pick up slang language, why the hell did you think he's convert terrorism?

Ok before you attack me with the haters comment, I have to clarify something, I am Indonesian, now I live in America, and I am not gonna vote for anyone this year. I apoligize if I sound harsh but it makes me scoff REALLY LOUD when I watch this kind of video and realize some Americans can be very ignorant on what's really happening in this world.

Oh, If I am hurting anybody with this comment, I suggest you to grow thicker skin.
I am one person, why do you care what I think?

Thank you & good night!


Lily said...

omg, those fucking retards. it always amazes me when i actually SEE how ignorant people really are. that blonde needs to take her bug eyed ugly old head and go back to school to get a better education cuz she has the IQ of a 2 year old. they're so damn prejudiced and that's exactly what mccain and palin are feeding them and they're just eating it all up.

Ai said...

oh she's just simply stupid,, u don't have to take all out of ur energy, babe! coz we know better than that, we're smart enough to differ terrorist and idiot.. oh, did i mention that she's stupid? oh my, i was wrong.. she's beyond stupid indeed.. we're different but we're still bestfriends, rite? see, that makes her even more stupid. boy do i love the word stupid now LOL

Leony said...

That's really harsh..

Sigh, so I guess I'm one of the terrorist because I got the blood lines LMFAO.

Anne @ said...

i saw that video. it was kinda irking how people are so ignorant these days. they cant even get their facts straight.

I really do hope you come out and vote! This is probably the most important election in our lifetime.

Nic Nic said...

haha all the redneck will vote the republican.

im not even American and Im annoyed -_-;;

Nanzy said...

Lily yeah I was really irritated nonetheless the country or person those people accused. network like FOX who is obviously very Republican play a big role too...well, some people have their TV as their teacher, so what do you expect huh?

Ai yes darling, we do know better...those people I feel sorry for, they miss the good things in this world with their narrow mind.

Leony hahaha yeah that'd make me a terrorist too, and OH WAIT, I live in U.S so they're in deep shit now mwahahahahahaha

Anne I left you a comment but yea...I can't vote because I'm not a Citizen yet : )

Tracy said...

These are probably the same people that voted for Bush, not once, but TWICE! Our economy has turned to shit since he's been in office. I agree with Anne: This will probably be the most important election in our lifetime. It's TIME FOR A CHANGE!