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Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Evening Treat

It's October 15, a half month away to Halloween. Summer's air is long gone and I started collecting my fall scented fragrance......but dang it, Hawaii, why is it still scorching hot & humid? Poor kids who're gonna do trick & treating 'coz their chocolates candies would be fondue by the time they got home ...

While grunting and raising my fist to the empty sky I dug out my bakery shelf (read: the place I store all my bath & body products) and used these to brighten up my shower experience:

What I used are Philosophy Pumpkin Spice Muffin 3 in 1, Bissy's Boutique Pumpkin Crunch Noel Conditioner, Cleanse Your Soul Pumpkin Whipped Cream Roll-on and Rainforest Soap Shack Gourmet Sugar Cookies Body Frosting.

Yup, 3 pumpkin out of 4.

Here are the breakdown:

Philosophy makes great 3 in 1 although some of the scents are very generic to me *cough* Eggnog Latte *cough*. I love their Dark Chocolate, Mimosa, Caramel Apple, and Amazing Grace, although the price sometimes make my face scrunch. Now this pumpkin is a great pumpkin scent, just enough spice and not cloyingly sweet. It lathers wonderfully and the scent lingers, although it didn't come out as strong as in the shower. Really like it, I always showered 5 minutes longer whenever I use this one : )

I washed my hair with my regular Melaleuca Herbal Shampoo which smells like a fresh Green Apple (love it!) and it's my first time trying out the Pumpkin Crunch Noel conditioner from Bissy's Boutique that I got inside the Boo Bags. It smells a little less spicy compare to Pumpkin Spice Muffin because the pumpkin has been toned down by Vanilla Bean Noel blend. I adore the scent, the consistency is a bit weird, not too runy but not thick either, but it makes my hair feels sooo soft. The scent also lingers for hours. Another win from me.

CYS roll on that I got for free, my oh my, this Pumpkin Whipped Cream is so sweet, pumpkin scent is a bit heady and super sweet when first applied, but as it dries down, the scent seem to blend nicely and although people say this is supposed to be the least spicy pumpkin scent from CYS, I still think it's quite spicy, if not as spicy as Pumpkin Spice Muffin.

Are you tired of the word "Pumpkin" yet? lol

Well, RFSS Gourmet Sugar Cookies doesn't have pumpkin in it *I hear HAAAA-LELUYA!*, I got this cream as a freebies -which answers why the jar is so tiny- but somewhat this scent layered gracefully with those crazy pumpkin troops up there. The vanilla and cookie batter smells really believable, unlike most of Philosophy's cookies scents.

I went to bed smelling like pumpkin, whipped cream, vanilla, and cookie......not too bad huh?

Now if you excuse me I'll go turn on my air-con. Hi5 Emoticon