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Friday, October 10, 2008

♥♥ Haul Day ♥♥

Can we spell H-A-U-L?


Today my gorgeous mailman brought me lotsa lotsa goodies! (no he's not really gorgeous, but under the blinding sun, any guy on shorts carrying bubble wrap-mailer envelopes & boxes coming my way would look AWeSuM PoSSuM :)

Bissy's Boutique

Yup, ordered another Boo Bags...and proud about it lol Dina's products are top notch and the scents are lovely, I mailed her and asked if she could take my specific scent request, I asked her nicely "Please....with sugar on top?" and she replied:

"If you include lots of whipped cream and a big ole cherry on top, you'll be able to twist my arm"

LOL and here are the lovely boo bags:

I got:
* Primrose Lotion in Coconut Cream Cake

* Luxury Body Spray in Cocoa Noel

* Dry Oil Spray in Blueberry Muffin

* Softest Scrub in Birthday Cake

* 3-in-1 in Pomegranate Cream

* Perfume Roll On in Vanilla Insanity

Scent Reviews:

  • Coconut Cream Cake: there's a faint sweet coconut smell, I believe this one needs to cure. ♥
  • Cocoa Noel: it's delicious in the bottle, but on my skin there's this musty smell which I found in most of chocolate scent : ( ♥
  • Blueberry Muffin: it opens with strong sweet-sour blueberry but it's not sickly sweet and it dries down to the best muffin scent ever. ♥
  • Birthday Cake: YUM, a true cake scent...can smell the butter, sugar & everything! ♥
  • Pomegranate Cream: this one people are raving about, and I'm glad I got this because the scent is very fresh, sweet & fruity. Love this. ♥
  • Vanilla Insanity: this one is rather an 'interesting' vanilla because it has confiture de lait (sweet caramel sauce) and almond in it. not sure if I'm really crazy about this tho, so I'm gonna let it sit.

Valerie's Uncommon Scents

I ordered an 8 Fl.Oz Dark Chocolate 3 in 1 along with several perfume oils and I've got to say this e-tailer is so underated! Her products are awesome, the scents are strong & nicely blended. Today I showered with the Dark Chocolate 3 in 1 and the entire bathroom smells like it.

* 3 in 1 in Dark Chocolate
* Perfume Oils in:
Waffle Cone
White Truffle Raspberry
Raspberry Cream Cupcake
Cake Batter Ice Cream
* Freebies of perfume oil in Vanilla Insanity x) yeah it smells the same like BB's

Scent Reviews:
  • Dark Chocolate: I wanted this after I sampled Philosopy's version, it's the truest and darkest chocolate scent, no other notes, just pure dark chocolate. The only difference is Valerie's Dark Chocolate doesn't have a chocolate color (it's milky white) and the scent lasts longer! love this one a lot. Oh, and it's half cheaper ♥
  • Cake Batter Ice Cream: this is the reason I ordered from her store (besides Dark Chocolate) and I'm not disappointed at all. Smells exactly like the cake batter ice cream at Cold Stone ♥
  • Waffle Cone: omg, the most realistic crispy waffle scent...*dies in calories* ♥
  • White Truffle Raspberry: honestly I'm quite surprise on how nice this one turns out because I was just trying it out. It's a yummy milky chocolate with a sour raspberry hint in the background. lovely! ♥

I receieved BITP Winter Candy Apple roll-on and GAP Dream-more in exchange to my MAC Prep+Prime which I no longer user. WCA smells yummy applelicious, just like the tart I've smelt in the same scent, and GAP Dream-more is OH MY LORD.........smells so divine! I like it much better than the Dream.

I'll be busy sniffin' this weekend!!! :D


Ai said...

sniff sniff aahh! i want to sniff, too! the birthday cake sounds soooo cake-y. uh i'd love to have those right now. slurp! enjoy the weekend sniffing time!

Askmewhats said...

awww those look like they smell heavenly!!!! :)

The Paraben Free Princess said...

I wish this thing had Smellovision! It all looks great. I got in a couple oils from Coastal Scents of all places. Pumpking Spice and Candy Corn. I mixed them to make a Halloween perfume, but they are so strong, I am using them to spray thoughout the house!