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Sunday, October 12, 2008

CYS Haul

Another order came in today, and I was so thrilled :D From my CYS previous order, I got my perfume roll-on leaking, and apparently I wasn't the only customer experienced the same thing. Judy, CYS owner, changed the roll-on bottle for a while and it turned out to be not so good decision for her because everyone who ordered roll-on weren't happy from the leak-ville...

Believe me, I know, ladies in MUA aren't too discreet about their dissatisfaction, but hey, that's what forum is supposed to be, right?

Honestly it wasn't a big deal for me, I hate bitching about simple thing that I COULD fix although I know wiping slimy oils and sticky black tape off from the bottle can be frustrating. Judy sent a newsletter asking if anyone received a leaking roll-on bottle should contact her. So I did, and she replied that she would replace my bottle. I told her she don't need too because mine didn't leak too bad, and it's still 99% full anyway, but she insisted so I thought, hmm...I don't need another same scent, what if I ask for a different one?

And she said ok, but I feel bad for not ordering anything else so I picked a 3in1 I've been wanting to try and we shared the shipping cost. I ended up paying just one buck for it.

So today I received everything, as always, fast shipping with priority mail. I chose roll-on in Pumpkin Whipped Cream which smells divine, not an ordinary spicy pumpkin (you know I hate a spicy note), this one is very mellow and sweeter. I like my Philosophy Pumpkin Spice Muffin but this one is different, I love this. I chose Caramel Apple Fluff for the 3in1 ever since I sniffed Philosophy Caramel Apple (noticed me being cheap yet? LoL I hate paying $16 for body wash, so forgive me). But booooy let me tell you, CYS Caramel Apple is better .. because it's a fluff. hahahah nah, but really, it has melted marshmallow inside (I noticed marshmallow does the 'cherry on top' in many blends) and it tones down the sharpness of the red apples. She includes freebies, a body emolient in Candy Corn Cream Cake (which smells very realistic creamy candy corn) and a yummy pumpkin head marshmallow. I ate it right after took that pic hehehe

I also received another great swap I did for my MAC Prep + Prime, I got 3 of 2 Oz Bath & Body Works discontinued Tutti Dolce 3in1 that I missed and been wanting to try.

Cinnamon Bun Heaven, Crazy Caramel Corn and Sugar Wafer (with freebies a cute bar soap)

Ok, sugar pies....gtg now
toodles ! Hi5 Emoticon


Askmewhats said...

I love your hauls! they are all so yummy and looks promising!!!!