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Friday, September 19, 2008

What I Used: August

Rockstar Soap from LUSH - very sweet cotton candy, my bf says it smells musty. I like it, not love it enough.

Peacetrain Body Mist from GAP - lavender, lavender, lavender, I always find Lavender is boring but this one is actually nice & calming.

Peppermint Chocolate Oatmeal Soap from Cozy Moments - smells just like Baskin Robin's Mint Choco Chip ice cream, I like to use it for my evening shower before bed.

Amazing Grace soap from Cozy Moments - wow, it smells like the original and very fresh & clean scent, I was really upset when I dropped the tiny bar I had left down the drain....bummer

Candy Corn Cheesecake Lotion from BITP - yum, very buttery & true candy corn scents, the lotion is kinda thick, and it leaves film on my skin if I don't slather it deliberately.

Berry Bundt Cake Roll on from BITP - cinnamon berry cake, berry berry nice :P it lasts a long time too.

Lait Sucre Roll on from BITP - my fav go-to-bed scent, a sweet warm carnation milk, yummy.

Black Amethyst Lotion from B&BW - love this, there are mix opinion on this new fall scent but I adore how deep & mysterious this scent is, not to mention the sexy drydown : )

Exotic Coconut Lotion from B&BW - very nice coconut scent, but the drydown smells plasticky :(

Warm Vanilla Sugar EDT from B&BW - a staple, not a boring Vanilla scent, I fell in love with this 2 years ago, and although people say this line is a great Fall scent, I've been wearing it all year-round.

Moonflower EDT from The Body Shop - ahhhh reminds me of the good ol' high school time, I made my own edt using the perfume oil I got from Ebay.

Coco Mademoiselle Nancy's Fluffy Stuff from ET - holy crap, I saved $$ with this lotion, it smells dead-on and the lotion makes my skin baby-soft.

Hanae Mori Body Yogurt from ET - another great dupe, love the scent, adore the yogurt (shea + aloe vera gel) consistency, ET has proved the rave.

Winter Candy Apple Tart from The Melting Pot Candle Co - omagah, lovely green apple scent, I want to have this scent in everything.

Tahitian Vanilla Whipped Mousse Soap from Outtabody - lovely tropical pineapple vanilla, although this mousse soap scent doesn't stay long, I still enjoy my shower with it.

Orange Chiffon Cake Whipped Mousse Soap from Outtabody - very nice cake batter with orange hint, makes me crave for cookies for some reason.

August's Favorite:
Coco Mademoiselle Nancy's Fluffy Stuff from ET


Ai said...

waaa banyak ya pakenya.. pasti baunya jadi abstrak.. kyk orgnya HAHAHAHA

Nanzy said...

kali gue pake smua skalian i...LOL iye gue abstrak tp muka lo lebih abstrak LOL "gue mo beresin muka dulu ya bi.." hahahaha