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Monday, September 22, 2008

Crap, I've Got Pumpkin'd

1st day of Fall, are you ready?

I know I am...I've been craving for pumpkin & apple spice and don't get me started on my continuous trips for the last couple of weeks to Starbucks Empire ordering Pumpkin Spice Latte like there's no tomorrow.

That shit is yummy, I think they must put crack on the coffee, my addiction can't be from normal coffee beans. Perhaps those planes hovering above the plantation aren't spraying pesticide.

Today my ex-roomate/friend Tomas came back from Japan after graduation and we hung out with him, after lunch @ Big City Diner, we decided to hit Ala Moana.

Tomas likes to drink, see, "I like drinking" doesn't always mean "I can hold my liquor", because in his case, he always gets himself into trouble whenever he drinks a lil too much. Let's say the last time he went overboard, he ended up at the hospital...having his nipples pinched by doctors LOL don't ask...

So when I bought Philosopy 3in1 in Mimosa scent, he's very much interested on the scent because now he finds a way to enjoy the drinks without his nipples being pinched HAHAHA sorry, I am still laughing my ass off whenever I remember that scene, forgive me.

Anyway, since I left Japan, I also left my big bottle in the shower coz I forgot and apparently he's been using my Mimosa. Now he feels guilty and insisted to buy me another one.

Fast forward, there were we, at Sephora, sniffing around Philosophy isle, because he also wants to buy another one for himself. Then I found these lovely Fall scents, Pumpkin Spice Muffin, Caramel Apple, and Black Licorice. I would gladly eliminate Black Licorice from 'lovely' part because it seriously smells like witch's perfume. It's not like I know how witch's perfume would smell like, but it's just so bitter, pungent, and dark. It might works for men but for me it's eww. Did I mention it comes in black?

Pumpkin Spice Muffin & Caramel Apple are lovely, they live up to the names, but between those two, I chose Pumpkin Spice Muffin because it's more unique and Aaron loves it too : )

So I asked Tomas if I could choose it over Mimosa and he said yes! It was like Christmas for me...and I also had Sephora Beauty Insider card which almost reached 100 pts, so I also got to choose a reward. I chose Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara because the other two choices aren't as appealing.

My lovelies, Pumpkin Spice Muffin 3in1 & Tarte Mascara

Tarte Mini Mascara, love the full brush :)

I can't wait to jump into showers & slather Pumpkin heaven all over ^_^
Thanks Tomas!


Ai said...

ati2 ntr di sniff sniff sm Tomas LOL LOL. gw jd makin penasaran sm rasanya Starbucks. damnit!!

Nanzy said...

hahahahaha i'll stay away from him.
Pumpkin Spice Latte blom ada ya di indo? :( Fall scents nya apa aja i? Mocha Coconut Frap ada ga?

Rhondalei G. said...

Hi Inan! I was eyeing that Philosophy trio but I agree...Black Licorice? BLEH! I would totally mix Pumpkin Spice with Caramel Apple. Yum!

Nanzy said...

Hey Rhndalei :)
yeah those trios is filth-ed by the black witches pungent licorice! haha
oh no now I want caramel apple !! *covering ears & eyes*

Lily said...

*screams* i almost bought pumpkin spice muffin! it smells sooooooooo good! but i already have philosophy's pumpkin scent and they are pretty similar so i didn't get it.. booo!!

Leony said...

Hey girl! Miss reading your blog!
How's the MMU addiction going? hahah
That pumpkin spice sounds great, jealous di jepang kagak ada :(.

Anyway, happy Autumn day!
Btw, eh mampir ke yaaaaa :D

Bombchell said...

mmm u just made me crave pumpkin pie. weirdly my fave is the walmart pumpkin pie.

@ ur profile. OMG i love "love me if you dare" so much!! its one of the best movies ever.

but @ coastal scents pallete. ick i regret buying the 72, the pigment dont show & comes as ashy on me, and even with a primer still wares off =/

Nanzy said...

yeah that'd be too much pumpkin hehehe did you get the Caramel Apple instead? that one also smells so yum!

Hey girl..I miss you too! MMU's addiction has been overshadowed by the Bath & Body Products LOL I've been really bad...hahah wah ga masuk Starbucks di Jepang ya? hmmm maybe not yet..?

Hello ! yeah that j'eux d'enfants is really good & freaky @ the same time, romantic in weird way hehehe