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Friday, September 26, 2008

Tea Tea Tea !

Wanna know what made me survived the summer?

Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng & Honey
I'm serious, I am really addicted to this tea. But what I have is the powder ones where you mix them with water and add some ice blocks hmmm. I like mine sweet, sweeter than regular. That's why I prefer powder form so I can mix it whatever I like : ) It tastes just like sweet lemon tea, but this one is supposed to be healthier because it's 100% Natural, it also contains Ginseng and the sweet comes from Honey instead of Sugar.

Do you know Honey is the only food/product that never goes bad? : )

What's this? Healthy Life 101??? LOL

Anyway I love this tea, as much as I love Teh Botol..

Teh Botol (Bottle Tea) is a sweet tea from Indonesia and OMG it tastes soooo good! I've been missing it a lot ever since I live away from home. I searched for good tea in Japan, but nothing comes close, some are good like their Ochaお茶 & Matchaまっ茶 but i.m.o nothing beats Teh Botol : )

k enuff with the Tea-fetish...or shd I say Feteash? o.O *w00t*

Anyway today I got a package from another swap I did @ MUA and I sent out my Tiramisu Goats Milk & Honey Cream from Cozy Moment's since the scents doesn't really work for me, and guess what she sent me?

HELL YEAH! Iced Tea Twist Lotion from Bath & Body Works!
She also includes some samples : ) what a doll !

I've been wanting to try the Temptations line but this Iced Tea Twist collection has been dc'ed so I was thrilled to know someone in MUA wanted to exchange hers with my Tiramisu. It's brand new & 10 Oz too...

The best thing about it is, it smells just like my lovely Arizona tea !! So now I can drink up & sniff my arm @ the same time....ohhhh tea indulgence......

*off to make iced tea*


Askmewhats said...

i'm' glad its a successful swap for you! I've heard so much good and bad stuffs about Swapping via MUA :) I'm glad its great ! and gee..i'm sure you smell great!

Bombchell said...

lol wow u love sweet tea.

omg I think I also had the bath & body works shower gel during their sale, was meant to be 3 in 1 i think, shower, shampoo, bubble etc lol i didnt experiment.

I love the frosting one, I still have 2 unopened bottles ;)

Ai said...

bi, i'm in Germany already and guess what had happened to me? read the blog. too hurts for me T_T *halah*

Tracy said...

I love this Arizona Green Tea! We buy the powder mix from Costco. Haha.

Nanzy said...

yeah, it's been fine so far..hopefully I won't get swaplifted coz that'd be nasty lol

that's right, the 3in1 is awesome! I'm dying to try Iced Tea Twist 3in1..which one's your fav?

omg i...pls update me on how that goes k? I left you comments

HAHAHAHAH same here, I bought mine @ Costco !!! I love Costco !!! lol