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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Earthen Glow Minerals

Holla !

I forgot to post this haul of mine, well not actually a 'haul' since it's all for free. Sarah from Vox contacted me to test out some of her mom's friends MMU products and I decided to try some of her eye shadows, blushes, and a soap bar.

I'm gonna make a break down review due to my various opinion on each products.

The company is called Earthen Glow Minerals (their website is, but the last time I checked they're still under maintenance), although when I visited it a while back to choose products, the site seemed fine, some errors here & there but at least I got to see what do they offer.

Anyway, I got to choose these eye shadows.

I chose Hudson Valley, Montezuma's Treasure, Guilded Antique Olive, Antique, Sludge, Excite, Bullet Train, Texas Tea, Java, and Amethyst.

I swatched Bullet Train, Amethyst, and Hudson Valley.

I have to say I am very impressed on how pigmented they are, Amethyst is such a beautiful purple and I'm glad I chose it. Bullet Train is a gorgeous deep forest green that will make a pretty smokey eye. Hudson Valley is very complex, I definitely see the black shade with lotsa lotsa gold layer, it is definitely a gorgeous 3D color.

For blush I chose Deep Japanese Plum, Straberries & Cream, Melon, Airlee, Sorbet, and Red Rock.

I only swatched 2 hehehe, Deep Japanese Plum looks more muted in real life, and Strawberries & Cream is a light shimmery bluish pink.

They are great colors, all of them, but they are very sparkly, so if you hate disco ball, I don't think you'd like these.

I did not take a picture of the soap, but it has a cake-slice shape. I chose "Lemon Pound Cake" scent and it smelled great in the bag, I left it in my drawer for days and whenever I opened the drawer I could smell the buttery lemon scent.

So one night I got excited to try it and use it in the shower.



The smell turned from lovely yummy lemon cake to a very musty scent. It seriously smells like a saloon. If you've ever been to a saloon's sink where they wash people's hair, and you smell this weird old-wet towel around your neck, got the idea.

I used it, lathered well, but I seriously could not stand the smell, and believe me, I have a good tolerance for smell.
So I tossed it. Sorry, I just didn't see a point hanging on to stuff I'm 100% sure not gonna use again. I feel really bad about it because I got it for free.

So there you go, my reviews. After seeing Lilita's haul I regretted for not trying their Lipgloss, it looks so pretty. But when I checked the website, they didn't have the lip gloss pictures so I couldn't choose shades. I really wish they will get their site fixed soon, because I think they do really sell good stuffs. Just don't get Lemon Pound Cake bar soap unless an old-wet towel scent turns you on.



Askmewhats said...

the eyeshadows are lovely!!!! Really pretty..I'm sorry about the soap smelling like a saloon! LOL I can imagine that smell! LOL How have you been?

Nanzy said...

LOL yeah I feel sorry for myself :D
I've been good, hon! just lurking here & there...

How are you??

Lily said...

lol yeah, i hate that about some soaps! they smell all funky once you actually use them

Tracy said...

Nice swatches. Those e/s really are pigmented. It's too bad about the soap, though.

DyahAlit said...

uuuuuhhhhh! i love the eye-shadow! you're sooo lucky hehehe..