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Monday, August 11, 2008

Product Review: Lure Beauty Sugar Scrub

Hey guys,

I'm gonna do a quick review on Lure Beauty Sugar Scrub which I purchased a while ago.
It's been 2 months since I started using it, so I think it's been enough time to pass some judgment : )

so here we go!

I purchased the one in Lick Me All Over (LMAO - pun intended hehe) and this is the scent description on Lure Beauty site:

Lick Me All Over: THIS ONE IS TOO HOT! There is no mistaking its exotic and seductive scent. Rich with notes of fruit and tropical paradise, you and your customers will love the alluring aroma of this trendy favorite. Perfect for exotic blends. Raspberry, Melon, Citrus with a slight floral note.

Consistency: If you're familiar with sugar scrub, this one is quite gentle. I tried salt scrub before and goodness me, it feels like shattered glasses! Ok maybe I'm exaggerating but this sugar scrub is very gentle on my skin, especially if my skin is wet, which is always the case, since I apply this in the shower after I soap. The scrub is very tiny (see pic below) and it dissolves into the skin after I buff around. Don't worry, although it's gentle, it does the great job exfoliating dead skin : )

(see how much I love this? I almost finish it hehehe)

Smell: Slurp. Yes, the lips with tongue picture on top of the jar is a perfect description of what I'd say about LMAO. I'm a fruit lover and this scent smells deliciously ruity. I noticed the watermelon right away, then the raspberry after I started scrubbing. Overall, it's a fruit paradise for me : )

My skin feels soooooooooo smooth, smells soooooooooo good and refreshed. The smell does linger even after I got out of shower, so it's good in my book ^_^

Final say: Buy it ! They're on 50% sale right now on Lure Beauty, the 2 Oz trial size is now only $1.62 (originally $3.25) and the 8 Oz is now $5.99 (originally $11.99) You'll love the spa indulgence this tiny scrub brings! = P

Thanx for reading !!!


Askmewhats said...

Dearie, I can't seem to open the photos!!! All i see are the swatches of your arm! :( I am so interested with the names of the product!!! so sexy!

Nanzy said...

hey nikki, it should be good now, I just fixed it hehe thx for letting me know.

DyahAlit said...

i wish they shipped to indonesia :( or germany :( meh!

christy. said...

50 percent off? Holy crap so cheap. :D