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Friday, August 8, 2008

I Won Again !

I just received a notification e-mail from Weirdstuffinmydesk that I won one of their Blog Carnival prices !

I am so happy & excited coz I won a price from The Little Black Box. Little Black Box is an online reviewers that sells 'little black box' every month. The black box is filled with various kinds of promo items from online retailers that want her/his products to be sampled.

They've had jewelry, bath and body, candles, bookmarks, keychains, buttons, magnets, luggage handle wraps, silk scarves, dog treats, stationary, photography, tissue cozies and much much more!

They sell the little black box each month and the August box is gonna be on sale on August 22nd !!!

I can't wait for them because I'll be getting some of these stuffs:


I went to a fundraiser event with my bf and I tried out colors from the 96 Eyeshadow Palette,


  • C4 (inner corner)
  • B4 (mid lid, lower lash)
  • F11 (outer V & crease, lower lash)
  • A10 (highlight)
  • L'oreal HiP Cream Eyeliner Black
  • Maybelline Full'n'Soft Mascara

  • Camellia Rose Smooth Primer v2.0
  • EDM Medium Tan Intensive
  • EDM Intensive Tan Concealer
  • Signature Minerals Angel Finishing Powder
  • Silk Naturals Love Lace Blush
  • C.O Bigelow Magenta Lip Tint
Can you see my tan line? LoL


Vanessa <3 said...

woman you are so pretty!

Tracy said...

Lucky you! The stuff looks so cute!

Great look, too. The colors remind me of high school. Haha. Our school colors are brown and gold. And yes, I do see your tan line. LoL.

Have a great weekend!

Nanzy said...

Hey Vanessa : ) Thank you! *blushed*

Nanzy said...


LoL highschool! that sounds like a good colors combination for uniform tho :D

farrah said...

gorgeous as usual!and gratz on winning! :)

Askmewhats said...

Hi dear!! congrats for winning! and girl! your FOTD is so pretty! i can see the tan and you look sexy !!!

christy. said...

I love the bite me packaging :D Their products are so cute too. I love the red flower bracelet? Cute.

:D Your look reminds me of like a chocolate covered banana. Yum

Nanzy said...

thanks babe...can't wait for the prizes heheh

LoL yeah the line is quite obvious even in person..and it burns :(

hmmmm choco I'm hungry

DyahAlit said...

beruntungnya dirimuuuuuuuuuuu <3

Nic Nic said...

looking great in yellow, doubt i can pull off any yellow color! cute last pic !

Fabu-less Beauty said...

You're always winning things! And how do you like the eyeshadow palette. I'm always contemplating getting a palette, but for some reason, I only end up using only a couple of the colors.

Nanzy said...

Thank you nic nic !! :D

Audge, I really like the e/s palette, most of the colors are wearable and I always wanna try new colors. LoL no I don't always win things btw hahahah