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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Making My Own Perfume, Why Not???

I love fragrances, I love to smell good, but the price tag for designer type of perfumes are WHOOPING expensive. Being a perfume addict I do enjoy smelling fragrances and I have to admit I get bored pretty easily, so I like trying many perfumes lol.

Thus, I DO have a signature fragrance that matches my chemistry, and I'm not talking about "oh yeah that smells good on me" perfumes, it's the one that you wear for years and never get bored. Your long-term relationship.

For me it's Clinique Happy Heart

Some people like the Happy version, but this special baby likes me better =P

It's fresh, sexy, fruity, and floral at the same time.

The notes are:

Water Hyacinth, Mandarin, Cucumber, Yellow Primrose, Blond Woods.

So the fragrance came out really unique, a blend of fruit, flower, and wood.

I also enjoy Bath & Body Works and The Body Shop fragrances as well, although my HG The Body Shop (Moonflower) has been discontinued. B&BW offers interesting blends & they rotate a lot every season. Not to mention the crazy sales they always have (annual, semi-annual, christmas, etc)

Now my addiction of fragrances has branched out to food & bakery scents, and I'm glad I found MANY great etailers that sells products with this type of scents.

Rain Forest Soap Shack (RFSS), Because I'm The Princess (BITP), Cozy Moments, Cleanse Your Soul (CYS), are only few amazing company that offers great quality with great price.

I know Simplicity loves her Skindecent :D and I can't wait to try their EDP/EDT/Roll Ons.

Remember when I bitched about Moonflower lines from The Body Shop is discontinued? Well I was able to snatched 2 bottles of their Fragrance Oils thru Ebay, but I know they need to be diluted to be a spray or EDT.

I also received mini vials from BITP that I love, but I noticed whenever I put it on, I am the only one that can smell those yummy scent. Those FO has to be mixed with either Jojoba Oil or Alcohol base. But I had no clue how much and simply HOW.

So I asked around, Jen from Camellia Rose and Simplicity helped me to confirm how to make Body Spray and all I need is:

  • Fragrance Oil / Essential Oil
  • Alcohol: Everclear *or any Grain Alcohol*, Vodka, Isopropyl Alcohol OR Silicon Base (to make the scent lingers longer)
  • Distilled Water
  • Empty plastic spray bottle

that's it !

This is the basic measurement:

1 oz. per lb in paraffins
Soy Candlemaking
1 1/2 oz. per lb
1 oz. per lb.
Potpourri & Sachets
Straight or dilute 1 to 1 depending on preference
Oil Burning
Straight or dilute 1 to 1 depending on preference
Incense Making
Straight or dilute 1-1 (1 part DPG to 1 part FO) depending on preference
Lotion & Shower Gel
1/2 to 1 oz. per lb.
Bath Salts
1/4 oz. per lb.
Perfumes & Colognes
10-35% Fragrance Oil : 65-90% base depending on strength

Now I've only made Body Spray and here's the recipe:

(For 8 oz Spray Bottle)

  • 4 oz Vodka/Everclear/Isopropyl Alc.
  • 4 oz Distilled Water (I personally use Spring Water for this)
  • 1 teaspoon FO or EO
  • Pour them in the bottle, cap it, and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE

I tried with smaller batch because honestly the BITP vials are small so I only made 1 oz of mixture.

Now the question is, where can we find the oils?

Simplicity gave me this awesome site for FO supply especially food & bakery scents oils, and I also found another one called Common Scents if you're looking for designer type FO. I saw my Happy Heart FO over there and I'm itching to get it since my Happy Heart perfume just ran out LOL.

They also sell supplies to MIY bath & body products such as: empty bottles, body wash base, shampoo base, thick lotion base, liquid silkbase (silicon base for perfume, EDT, body spray, EDP), etc

The best thing about them is THE PRICE. It's so cheap compare to others, and I've done some research. So far this one is the best price with awesome selections.

Now let me clarify this, I'm 100% supporting all the e-tailers out there and please don't take this post negatively. I am their number one customer and I will keep buying from them because I really admire their creativity to create and blend scents.

The sites I mentioned above only sell individual oils to mix so if you're creative and would love to experiment blending fragrances, I do hope this post would help you.

If we can make our own fragrance with cheaper price, why not, right?


Tracy said...

Making your own perfume sounds pretty interesting. It would probably be good for me b/c I actually find a lot of scents irritating to my nose. Haha.

Nic Nic said...

perfume making sounds so hard! but wouldn't it be nice to make your own perfume which no one has in the world!

Karley said...

Hey there! Hope you're enjoying your RAOK goodies.

You've found an addicting hobby :) Here are a couple of other good places for oils:

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Let us know how the perfumes come out!

Nakisha said...

Can believe this. I can also make my own perfume..... thanks for sharing the idea.

Nanzy said...

:) Holla! hehe