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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GAP Bargain !

Gap is having a FREE SHIPPING offer

if you purchase from 2 or more STORES:

  • GAP
They have those 4 stores side to side on to make it easier to shop.

The reason I found this is because I'm very intrigued on GAP new Body Mist line.

Sugar Snap ~sheer, dewy, tender~

Island Hop ~tropical, light, breezy~

Rain Check ~cool, clean, crisp~

Night Fall ~spicy, sexy, wild~

Sunny Side ~fresh, light, fruity~

Love Shack ~bold, flirty, floral~

Moon Walk ~soft, creamy, cozy~

Peace Train ~quiet, calm, serene~

I went to GAP store today and was able to sniff some of them, my favorite are Sugar Snap, Rain Check & Peace Train. Sugar snap is just simply fresh with pear note and dry down of musk. Rain Check smells very 'green', perhaps because of the cactus, hyacinth and leaves. Peace Train dried out very sexy on me, lavender, green tea & sandalwood notes surprisingly came out very nice *note: I personally not a big fan of lavender AND sandalwood lol*

The Body Mists are sold 240 ml for $16.50 at the store:

Travel Size (2 oz) is $6.50:

Now here's the awesome part: is also having 25% discounts on these fragrance.

The big bottle is now $12.38 and mini bottle is $4.88 ! What makes my day even brighter is that the big bottle of Peace Train is only $7.99 !!! WOo HoO !!!

So I got the Peace Train Body Mist and Sugar Snap mini body mist : )

But I needed one more item from other store to get FREE SHIPPING so I browsed around Old Navy (cheaper than Banana Republic, for sure =P) and was able to snatch an awesome clearance item deal for $2.99 :

It's either this sandals or a thong o.O *woot* I have enough undies so I went with the cute green toe strap slippers.

They will arrive in 7 days, free shipping & all ^_^
Ohhh I love good bargain !


Anonymous said...

aww.. i tried it and it wasn't free shipping..? I think you have to order something from piperlime for it to be free shipping...

Is there a code i have to enter..? thanks.

Nanzy said...

Hi Anonymous,

I tried again just now and it worked for me, no code necessary, they will show the shipping options as Standard 4-7 Bus.Day - FREE.

Did you purchase for more than 1 store? coz it only works if you buy from at least 2.

Anonymous said...

thanks, trying to buy from gap and old navy... but i didn't see the free shipping.. just the 7 bucks one.. i'll try again.

Anonymous said...

aww.. i tried again and it didn't work.. :( I don't know why.. I'm purchasing from gap and old navy.. oh well..

Vanessa <3 said...

i wonder if they still have "dream" i used to wear that like in middle school..haha it was so nice and soft though!

Nanzy said...

Vanessa, I didn't see Dream online but I surely saw it at the store, along with 'Dream-more' which smells just as lovely ^_^

christy. said...

omggg the GAP mists are so cute :D i remember i had one long time ago and it came in a boring regular bottle. :D more money to spend loll

Nanzy said...

hehehe hope I enabled you well, Christy :P

LadyJane said...

The botles ARE cute :) And so are the sandals! NOOO I can't shop anymore. I just made two big hauls yesterday!