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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Product Review: Crabtree & Evelyn Exfoliating Lip Smoother

Price: 3/5
($11.00~ at Crabtree & Evelyn Stores)

Packaging: 5/5
(Cute humongous pink box, white squeeze tube)

Result: 4/5

Overall: 4/5 (Oh so delish!)

Product Description
Buffing, plumping. This gentle lip cream with natural mango butter and moisturizing sweet honey works wonders to sweep away dryness, revealing soft, smooth lips. Apply a small amount to lips and buff gently 2 or 3 times a week. Follow with Lip Conditioner with SPF15.

Application: just simply squeeze the tube, you only need a small blob of cream, apply it on your lips, and slowly rub on your lips til the small beads dissolves.


  • The smell; OMG, it smells like pudding! I'm not kidding you, it smells so delicious and reminds me of a creme brulee that just comes out of oven.
  • The price; it's not bad for the result : )
  • The size; I carry it around in my purse, very cute & doesn't leak.
  • The delicious mango-buttery pudding smell lingers for quite some time...hmmm yum!
  • It does left a slightly dry feeling after a while, since it's not a lip balm, so I suggest to apply chapstick or whatever favorite lip balms of yours afterwards.
  • Not exactly a negative thing, but the box is sorta unnecessarily HUMONGOUS for such a tiny tube, no? LOL
  • Despite of the deliciousness, it has no taste. Again, it's not fully a bad thing, but I surprised myself whenever I applied it, I always unconsciously licked my lips (in my book --> yummy smell = lick it!) and tasted nothing. No sweet sugary pudding taste whatsoever.
Inan sez:

Believe it or not, I've been in search for a lip scrub that works FOR YEARS. I have an oily skin but somehow my lips get so dry most of the times. I'm a licker so I always subsconsiously lick my lips, and I once read human saliva makes lip even drier. So yeah...that doesn't help hehe.

I came across this lip exfoliator when I made a visit to Crabtree & Evelyn Shop @ Ala Moana Shopping Mall. I had no idea they have the store there, LOL, so I was so excited to see the same annual sale they were having online.

I bought this only for $3.00 ! The original price is $11, but personally I think it's so worth it! It does the good job exfoliating my dead skin. I love the smell, I love the packaging, and it's always great to have it around especially during cold winter time.

It's made from mango butter, jojoba, soybean oil, sweet wonder it's so yummy!

So here's my entire haul from Crabtree & Evelyn, besides the Exfoliating Lip Smoother

  • Lost Solid Perfume ($5.00) - Original Price $33.00 ! Ginger and juicy peach with a heart of sea spray, cognac and orange blossom, grounded in white amber.
  • Found Solid Perfume ($5.00) - Original Price $33.00 ! Warm heart of cassis, bay rose and cardamom brightened with pink grapefruit and sweetened with caramel and spun sugar.
  • Rubber Soap Dish ($1.10)
So do you guys have your HG Lip Scrub?


Askmewhats said...

this is cool! I honestly haven't tried any Lip exfoliator or scrub except my toothbrush! lol I have dry lips too!!! so i think i should start looking for one right!

Lily said...

mango buttery pudding sounds really appealing to me!!! you're making my mouth salivate! hahaha. i've never seen this brand in person before... do you know where you could get this online?

Anonymous said...

this looks like it'll do a good job exfoliating and softening up my lips! i still have to finish up my tin of edm lip scrub though!!

Nanzy said...

Nikki: you should! I did it with my brushes too but then I got lazy cleaning it T_T hehehe

Lily Somehow I didn't see it anymore on their site, only the Lip night repair (which suxxx, don't get that one) LOL But I saw it on Ebaym it's more expensive tho...try to find the store near you, I'm sure they carry it ^_^

Irene yeah, how's the EDM? I always see someone got that but never tried it myself

Anonymous said...

mmm... mango lip scrub?! that sounds pretty tasty. i think i'd eat the scrub! the only scrub i've used is from bath & body works. i think it's called Lip Buffer or something. I remember it being $7.50 and definitely not worth it. but this sounds intriguing!

Nic Nic said...

wow you got that dirt cheap, sounds like a bargain as well!

christy. said...

Wow you got it for so cheap! Good deal :)

christy. said...

Wow you got it for so cheap! Good deal :)

christy. said...

Wow you got it for so cheap! Good deal :)

Lani said...

damn they didn't have that lip smoother but i know if they did, i woulda been all over that shit lol. wow i'm glad they had the sale here too. usually sales here aren't the same dirt cheap sales as the mainland lol.