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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

EOTD: 96 Palette's Challenge & VB Haul

Another EOTDs from meeee (hope you guys don't get sick of me yet lol), this time I decided to play around with colors from my 96 Palette !

Since the colors are too many and it'd be confusing if I just say "I'm using the 3rd from left, 7th row green", I decided to number them. Yes, another retarded palette naming LOL

96 Palette Name

What I used:
  • C3 (all over lid)
  • F7 (outer lid &crease)
  • A10 (highlight brow bone)
  • NYX Seafoam Green eye pencil (lower lash line)
  • Maybelline Full'n'Soft Mascara

I didn't use any base so you guys can see the true pigmentation. I didn't really blend the blue really well, so it looks kinda crappy T_T

I will definitely continue this 96 Palette challenge, so please lemme know if there's any input/suggestion/idea. I'd be happy to do so ^_^

Onto my haul, I mentioned I did cave in from Valerie Beauty's sale couple days ago, I've been wanting to try Forever Female brushes for the longest time but always found a way to resist the temptation =P As you all know, my HG MMU foundation brush is the flat top from EDM, and I only have 1. So when I knew VB carries the short pink handle FF brush I was like, "Heyyyyy, maybe I was waiting for a reason!" hehehe the price went down to $14 (plus $1.50 shipping -cheap, no?-) so I went ahead and buy it.

EDM is tricky these days, I don't wanna deal with their shady CS lol

It's soooo cute! pink, short & fluffy. I'm in love : )

Even my bf loves it too, after I opened the package he grabbed the brush and played with it for a while. He said it's so soft, it feels funny LOL

Then he decided to play with BOTH of my Flat Top, and showed me this:


xoxo Jaimie said...

I really love the color choices on this look. Good job!

xoxo Jaimie
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christy. said...

oh mama. that is intense! i like it :)

Nanzy said...

Thanx, Jamie! Thanx Christy : )