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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Product Review: Thevi Cosmetic

As I promised, I am doing a review on Thavi Cosmetic I got couple days ago.

Thevi Cosmetic addresses their products to women with color, and according to Thevi Thambirajah, the founder of the company, beauty is a way of empowerment, that's what made her decided to create a line of prestige makeup brand with rich and vibrant colors without being 'harsh'.

"I know that there are many, many women like me. Women to whom ‘natural’ means ‘colorful.’ After all, what is more natural than a flower, a butterfly, a sunset?
Thevi Thambirajah - The Founder

The first time I received the package, I was amazed by their sleek packaging and a pretty looking brochure : ) As you guys can see on the previous post, the products were wrapped in a bag, inside a box.

These are the products I received:

Mineral Pressed Powder SPF 8: Pressed face powder with a unique blend of micro-minerals and skin nurturing vitamins A, E and C, offers skin perfection, protection and flexibility. Hypoallergenic. Oil-free. Talc-free. Fragrance-free. 0.39 oz. Price: $30.00

I got the one in Mocha, the 2nd darkest color and it is too dark for my skin, it makes me look like I have a fake tan. The compact comes with a round white sponge. The main ingredients are Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide, just like other mineral powder, but I noticed they still have Methylparaben and Propylparaben, and unfortunately I've been avoiding anything-paraben so I guess that's a turn off for me.

Sheer Matte Blush: The most amazing blush ever. Rich, vibrant color that looks totally natural. Micro-milled pigments glide on smooth, sheer color with a velvety soft finish that becomes one with your skin. Enriched with conditioning, protective Vitamins C and E. Hypoallergenic. Mineral oil-free. 0.12 oz. Price: $22.00

Rouge is a very pretty plum-ish pink (the picture is actually pinkier than the real color). I like how vibrant this blush is and one swipe is enough for both cheeks. I'm serious : P

Triple Split Shadow: Color coordinated eye shadow, for a finished look, in shades that show up on darker skin. Water-proof. Crease-resistant. Formulated with skin-conditioning Vitamins C and E. Hypoallergenic. Mineral oil-free. Price: $22.00

I love this trios, it feels very velvety and the green is just perfect. This is my favorite products from Thevi.

Automatic Longlasting Liner: The perfect pencil: part treatment, part color. Tug-free formula swivels up, glides on, leaves a line of rich, creamy color. Enriched with chamomile extract to soothe and comfort the delicate eye area. Hypoallergenic. Price: $16.50

Lush Mascara: This gentle, lash-lengthening formula refuses to clump or smudge, and removes easily without rubbing or tugging. Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-free. Specially tested for sensitive eyes. Price: $18.00

Nothing special about these two, they do the job, but I probably would go for a cheaper ones.

High Impact Lipstick: Sensual lip color. Advanced formula lipstick with unique chroma-shine technology provides rich color intensity with a super glossy finish that’s virtually weightless, yet won’t wear off. Plus it’s packed with Vitamins A, E and C for anti-oxidant protection and conditioning. In an array of gloriously colorful shades. Hypoallergenic. Price: $22.00

GORGEOUS! The shade 'Plush' is actually a light maroon color that shows up very chic & professional. It's very moisturizing as well.

Final say: I like the idea of vibrant color makeup, and couple of products do stand out for me (the eyeshadow and lipstick) but I wish they have a better selection of products, like say, lip glosses, or maybe more eye shadows (they only have the trios and matte shadows).

Another con I have about this is THE PRICE. It's pretty expensive, in my honest opinion, and I personally would just grab a drugstore products with similar vibrancy and much much lesser price.

Here are the FOTD I made using Thevi Cosmetic

Mocha Mineral Pressed Powder

Rouge Blush

Hemosphere Triple Split Shadow (using the lightest color as highlighter on brow bone)
Onyx Eyeliner
Black Lush Mascara

Plush Lipstick

Thanx Thevi, for sending me these cool products ^_^


Askmewhats said...

i am excited to give the product a try! it will take some time to arrive here but based on your review, it all looks promising :)