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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Product Review: L'oreal De-Crease

L'oreal De-Crease

($6.92 @ Walmart, around $7 @ other drugstores)

Packaging: 4/5
(small transparent glass tube, bendable applicator)

Result: 5/5

Overall: 4.75/5

  • The wand. Why? Because it's bendable unlike udpp's, so I am able to scrap around the product inside the tube. Now that I found this out, I think that's probably why udpp product gathers on the wall of the container, I think the wand pushes the cream because the wand moves only side to side. HA !!
  • The price; not bad AT ALL for the result : )
  • The creamy-ness, but surprisingly dries up quicker than udpp, so I don't need to wait for too long. I hate waiting LOL
  • The color, it leaves an opaque base color on my lid which results the eyeshadow to appear more vibrant.
  • It doesn't crease! *doh* hehe
  • It's very blend-able and somehow I blend my pigments more easily with this.
  • The amount of product, oh well.. you got what you pay for right? besides I think it's wise for not having too much since *knock on wood* it might dry up after a while.
  • The 8 hours limit of creasing & fading prevention. Now I haven't really used them for more than 8 hours so I have no idea how bad it would be.
Inan sez:
I am PLEASED with this, I mean, I loved my udpp but this one is cheaper and one or two things about it is better than udpp. Honestly, maybe I would not have purchased this if my udpp didn't dry up on me and would continue using it until it finish, but since it DID *I'm still upset hahahaha*, I guess I'm sticking with this cheaper drugstore ones.

Once again, L'oreal came out with decent product ^_^

Would I re-purchase?
Hell yes.


Anne said...

nice review!

Katrina said...

I'm glad it worked for you. Unfortunately I'm stuck with UDPP for life, so far its the only thing that works well for me.

Jnie said...

thanks for the review.. i must try it now, udpp sometimes makes my eyeshadow hard to its cheaper...

Nanzy said...

thanx all : )

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

thankums for the review. i don't think this will work well for my oily lids though. LOL. because katrina did a comparative review of the two and this one creased 4-5 hours later where as udpp creased 8 hours later. with udpp my shadow still creases, i have to use TWO bases. bah. LOL. :P i want to try TFSI after i finish up my UDPP... and i have ALOT of UDPP left. LOL.

Nanzy said...

yeah I saw her review just now : ) I am surprised coz I have super oily lids too but I haven't tried wearing in for too long, so I might do updates if it creases.

TFSI looks promising too..but I'm set with this for now hehehe

Nic Nic said...

wish this was available internationally! lol. thanks for the review :)

Askmewhats said...

now are really giving me trouble aren't you? now L'oreal de crease is back on my to buy list!!! Shame on you..shame on you for making me feel this way and I still have one UDPP that I haven't used yet..what's the matter with me?

Nanzy said...

you're welcome, Nic Nic.

LOL Nikki !!! shame on me! shame on me! *spanking myself* hahahah you shd finish up your UDPP. this is just a cheaper alternatives *wink wink* -doing it again hahahah-

Askmewhats said...

you should be arrested for "enabling" someone to buy there such crime?? hm...i'll invent one!oh yeah.."You're arrested..for being a PUSHER!" lol

Nanzy said...

"I would like to call my lawyer"


Fabu-less Beauty said...

Great review! Have you tried opening up the UDPP and transfering it to a container? Btw...I just came back from HI and I'm like 5 shades darker..haha

ladyjane said...

I must try this now. Thanks for the review :)