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Monday, May 5, 2008

Summer is in the Air !

Hello girls,

Audge hooked me with Polyvore (yes,'s hella fun! ^_^) and I thought it's a great way to find some shopping inspiration.

What is the most important thing for us during summer?
SUNSCREEN, might own the pretties bikini in town but if your face is tomato-red from sunburn (not to mention, the skin cancer you might catch from too much sun exposure) doesn't sound fun anymore, right?

So we'd better start hunting for a good sunscreen (fairer ladies should go higher than SPF 30, I believe), and make sure they contain both UVA (anti-aging) and UVB (anti-burning).

Other than that, I'm excited about summer...for me summer is the most colorful season of the year, that's why here I posted my 'pick' for summer days.

Beach Day

Pack your sunblock, tanning lotion, and your beach mat, but don't forget to bring along a face mist to freshen up throughout the day and lotsa lotsa water to avoid dehydration!

Dress it Up !

Some pretty summery dress I found from Charlotte Russe : ) aren't they gorgeous?


Either you'd prefer stripes, basic bold colors, or unique patterns, wearing bikinis is all about 'confidence' and attitude ;)

Hot Night Out

Dressing up for dinner in exotic new town could be a challenge for hot summer nights, but pairing a simple tube with chic hot pants could never go wrong. You can choose sexy sandals to go casual or work out some sky high pumps when you feel sizzlin' (or should I say Shizzlin' >.<) These are all also from Charlotte Russe!

So girls, have fun shopping for the new season, but don't forget your skin!


Fabu-less Beauty said...

Polyvore is way too fun...hehe

Sounds like your a Charlotte Russe fan. I love Charlotte Russe, I find it that it's cheaper than Forever21. I'm still in search of a bikini. And I'm loving your kanye west sunglasses...hehe

Nanzy said...

Yeah I love Charlotte Russe, I can't find Forever 21 in here :( booo

what kind of bikini you'd prefer?

Lizzz said...

i'm loving the yellow tube top. :-)