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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nail Polish Stash

I got an interesting e-mail last night but the person didn't leave any name so I only got her e-mail address...

"Hello, I have been reading your beauty blog lately and thought it's cool, just like you I think MAC is just part of culture where everyone seem to rave about, quality wise-I personally believe other cheaper brands can create similar finish as MAC. Do you have anything else you collect other than makeups? If you do could you share with us? Hope I did not ask too much. Thank you, Love"

Hey Love :) hehe sorry I don't know your name..but if you're reading this, Yes I am answering your question! ^_^

I do have other collections beside my makeups, although I wouldn't call my makeup 'collection' since I'm just starting out and it's nothing compare to others :) I used to collect stamps *dork alert, dork alert!!!*, stickers, statement rings (ya know, the ones with big jewels that scream 'LOOK AT MEEEH'), necklace, and nail polish.

Now, on this post I'm gonna share my nail polishes since I've been collecting it for years, thanx to my Mom who has even more than I do. We used to share nail polishes and she rocks coz she also wore the bright colors such as lime green or purple, and she always match her nail with the shoes (which I thought it was insane, she works as a lecturer in University, for god sake! LOL)

But since I don't live with her anymore, and I left my old polishes back home...these are the new ones I got, and interesting enough I found them to be mostly pinks/reds LOL no greens yellows or bright blues. I guess I grew up huh?

The Sanctuary Drawer
Sheer Enhancement, Paris Couture for Sure, Kyoto Pearl

Passion, Heart Throb, Arrivaderci, Pricesses Rule!, Chapel of Love

Cajun Shrimp (left & middle, sorry I didn't realize I have 2) - Sicilian Vermilion

Buenos Aires Iris, unknown, Wanted..Red of Alive, This Little Piggy,Kennebunk-port,
Marooned on The Magnificent Mile, Pink Before You Leap

Beauty & The Beach, Satin Bronze, Shell, Berry Glaze, Siren, OPI Ink (dark purple)

Not shown: the Base Coat & Top Coat which are not so interesting hehe

When I was still in Indonesia, I love getting Manicure/Pedicure in saloon since it's so cheap, but here in U.S I honestly cannot afford it, so I got myself the manicure kits (I hardly use it tho, I'm such a lazy bum)

so Anonymous, thank you for the request :)


justme said...

you have great stuff. i do my own too now but i think its because of sanitary reasons

Nanzy said...

Thanx :)yeah it's easy to do it @ home but the laziness always take over hehehe

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Where can you get OPI nail polishes at and are they expensive? Summer's rolling around and it would nice to have some painted toes..hehe

Nanzy said...

They ranges from around $6.00 to $8.00, but I got them cheaper in sets (6 pieces) from the Beauty Supply store. I don't think they sell sets normally, I was pretty lucky coz my bf's mom used to be a cosmetologist and she still has her license, so sometimes she takes me to the supply store and I can get stuffs for cheaper (or sets) hehe

Melon (peach-orange)color is in now :)

Askmewhats said...

I used to collect nail polishes as well..and it all dried up on me :( hehehe well been collecting for more than a year :) all the colors you want, you'll see it, now I stopped thank goodness :) hehehe

Makeupfairytale said...

omg omg! i used to collect stamps too! (postage stamps, and stamps like ink stamps) =P from all over the country because each of them tell a story (i still kinda do if i see a cute set of stamps in a heart or something cute like disney's stamps)

=P you're toooooo cool!

Nanzy said...

hahahah *high five*, I got like 3 full stamps books, most of them are from foreign fave was Japan, if I'm not mistaken LOL funny how I ended up living there for a while and NEVER sent any letter


Andrea and Danny said...

Please contact me. I am wondering if you would be willing to sell me your Buenos Aires Iris OPI Nailpolish. I have been looking for it forever!