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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

EOTD: Purple Gray & Haulings

Hi all, how have you been? I am having a hard time getting over the long weekend : ) hehe

I made a quick EOTDs of what I wore last night, not so wowed about the result, but meh..I'll post it anyway hehe

  • UDPP
  • NYX Chrome e/s: Goddess (foiled, inner lid, 1/3 lower lash line)
  • TMM pigments: Throne (foiled -damn hard lol-, middle lid, middle lower lash line)
  • NYX e/s: Charcoal (outter V up to the crease, 1/3 outter lower lash line)
  • NYX e/s: Aloha (highlight)
  • L'oreal HIP Cream Eyeliner: Eggplant (doesn't show up coz it blends in with Throne hehe)
  • Maybelline Full'n'Soft Mascara
This morning I received 2 mails, one is from Jen (Camellia Rose) and another one is all the way from Canada, Pure Anada Natural Cosmetics.

I ordered a sample size of Bye Bye Zit Serum, her V.20 primer and Green Tea shea bar...adding up to my all-natural skin care regimen : )
I got free foundation samples from Pure Anada, I was asking her if I could just purchase 4 or 5 foundation samples (coz I don't need 9, the minimum purchase on the website), and she's kindly replied that she would send them for free. Awesome, right?

Natural Light


Most of them are definitely too dark & red for me, maybe I could use them for bronzer ^_^ Amber Honey and Caramel are the closest, but somehow I think the color in between them would be a perfect match, dontcha think? The thing is, Amber Honey is the darkest in Warm category, and Caramel is the lightest in Deep category.

Hmmm I need to a face test for sure...

Today @ Walmart I bought these Simply Basic babies for $1.89 each (supposed to be Trial size). I have Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea and this one smells just like that! The Cotton Bouquet smells so fresh, and the Cherry Blossom is just as lovely, a nice floral-y smell.


Makeupfairytale said...

ooooooh pretty! =P

Nanzy said...

Hello : )

thank you !!! I just saw your blog & you're so pretty !!! hehehe love your NYX colors too. I'm gonna add you to my beauty guru lists k?

Lizzz said...

i did not know purple and gray look so good together. you made the color combination look fab.

Askmewhats said...

hi dear, amber honey when took with flash kinda "disappeared" a bit, and you're right, some are too dark on you but you can always use them as contouring powder, it all look very smooth and creamy! and nice color pay off!!!

Your eyes!!!! Lovely!!!!!! that's a cute cute cute cute look!

Nanzy said...

Thank Liz! now that I look at it, yeah they do huh? hehehe

Nikki...yeah I think I might try to mix amber honey & caramel or cappuccino and see what happens!

Thanx for your ccmpliment ladies!