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Monday, April 21, 2008

Skincare Update & EDM Haul

I'm so bad...someone needs to spank me !

Ok so I've just made another order from Garden of Wisdom for my skin care, as I told you guys I've been a converter for natural skincare since I started using MMU. Ever since my last skin care regimen I posted a while ago, there are some few changes I made in order to slowly switching to natural skincare.

I am still using my Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne treatment with B.P 2.5% although along the ride I have acknowledge some bad effect from B.P in a long run. Perhaps I may not be worried about it YET since the main downside of B.P is aging your skin faster, but hey isn't what we are doing now to our skin will be paid sooner or later? isn't my reason on doing all of these natural routines also for the better future? (ok.. enuff preaching already!!! LOL)

I could have cut off my B.P right now but I was pretty lucky I spent most of my days burying my nose on Garden of Wisdom forum and learned you MUST NOT quit B.P just like that. The reason being is, B.P is a very effective treatment and barrier for skin to those nasty bacteria (therefore, preventing acne) and aside from its bad long-term effect, B.P has helped my skin alot, and by stopping it can cause a 'shock' for your skin...and the result is: Horrible breakouts!

I'm not joking, has been proven by many girls who stopped using B.P all of the sudden and had to suffered horrible withdrawals for quite some time. The best thing to wean off from B.P is cutting it BACK slowly, you can start by decreasing the amount, then the application times (cut from 2x a day to just once), and eventually you can stop completely.

Note: I didn't mean to scare you or force you to stop using B.P, if it's part of your routine and your skin loves it, you should continue...My reason is the Neutrogena B.P 2.5% is so tiny yet freaking expensive, and I really want to convert COMPLETELY to natural skin care. So that's my personal reason.

I also still use my The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil stuffs since I've bought some extra during specials and I don't wanna waste stuffs I already bought.

So here's my updated version of my skin care:

Cleanse: Calamine Bar Soap
Hydrate: GoW Pineapple mist (let dry)
Treat: Neutrogena B.P 2.5% (all over face)
Moisturize: Olay Moisturizer for Normal skin with SPF 15

- SoapalayaSoaps Olive Oil Facial Cleanser/Scrub/Face Mask (I know, this stuff is awesome! I'm gonna make a review on this soon) OR
- GoW Takrai Lemongrass Cleanser (only 2x a week since it also works as an exfoliator) OR
- Oil Cleansing Method (if I wore makeup that day)
Mask: Mint Julep Masque (1x-2x a week)
Hydrate: GoW Pineapple mist (let dry)
Treat: Neutrogena B.P 2.5% (all over face)
Moisturize: The Body Shop Blemish Fade Night Lotion
Spot Treatment: Tea Tree Oil (with Q-tip or Mint Julep on red angry acne)

Ok and here's what I ordered from GoW:
~ GoW Cleansing Oil (I almost ran out of my Pure Luxe Oil Cleansing sample)
~ Melissa Lemon balm Hydrosol (effective for acne)
~ Immortelle HA Serum 1% (Great water-based serum for acneic skin)
~ Chardonnay Grapeseed CP Seed Oil (known as one of the lightest oil = absorb quick into skin)
~ GoW Rosacea Serum (don't mind the name, it's great for treating Acne)
~ One ounce glass dropper (for my Grapeseed oil)

and I'm thinking of adding a Manuka Honey sample since many girls are raving on how great it is as an acne treatment. Honey has a natural peroxide, so it's just like B.P without the bad side effect.

See why I'm so bad??? No-buy BYE BYE! lol

If you are interested on these products, you can visit them in their site or read around in their forum. I've learnt a lot from them and the girls are very knowledgeable and REALLY nice, I mean, they answer all your questions even the silliest ones like "does your pineapple mist smells like a rancid teabag too?" ehehehe

Oh and my last order from Everyday Minerals arrived 2 days ago, I ordered another sample kit because I wanna try the Intensive version of my HG Medium Tan, saving up for summer, and also the Everyday Bronzer for cheek contouring!

Idk why Everyday Bronzer showed up red in this pic, it's dark brown in person, so don't be fooled. I have yet to try them since I haven't gone out for couple of days now...but I am surprised by the Intensive Tan concealer, I was expecting it to be darker. We'll see :D


Askmewhats said...

wow, your regimen ..... i am too lazy ! :( and no, we're not giving you a good spanking, but we're cutting your card and keep you wallet? hehehe Will wait for you to try them :)

Nanzy said...

you're lucky girl, my skin doesn't like me...:( so i have to do extra attention... Will update you once I got um hehehe

thanx for being a good 'momma' LMAO

Leony said...

Trust me, it'll be worth it!
I used to had acne prone skin right after I turned 25, and I was like you and always look for new products to try. I had those days dealing acne/pimples for only a year though, but after I turned 26, they're all GONE.

It was probably because the stress I had with my SIL LMAO.

Don't worry, yours will be gone soon, keep it up and stay with the regimen that works for your skin! Don't switch products too many times, samples are okay but when you found the right one, try to stick with it for a while.