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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mario Badescu Free Samples

Who loves free goodies?

*Inan raised hand*

Yes, me cheap but I REALLY DO loves free samples. Either food (thats why I heart Costco), perfume, or better yet, skin care. I think it's very important to test out products especially for our skin since most of us has specific allergy reaction to certain ingredients.

So when I've heard Mario Badescu offers a free sample with consultation (I think it was Bellasugar blog), I decided to try them out. Not only because of they're free, Mario Badescu products contain natural ingredients and they are very simple unlike most of over the counter skin care products which contains tons of foreign words that gives me headache if I try to read them.

I decided to take the questionare once I also read some positive reviews in Makeupalley, and based on my oily/acne-prone skin, they send me a confirmation email to order the free sample
within a week...

Today they all arrived safely to my mailbox, and here they are:

The personalized product samples:
It also comes with Product Guide and Invoice

I just stored my samples in the fridge since they were warm when I got them, it's been pretty hot for the last 3 days here in Hawaii. Will be trying them soon, I hope it won't overlap since I am also expecting my GoW goodies.

If you guys are interested, you can try the Mario Badescu Skin Care sample here, just filled in the questionare and *cross fingers* wait for the confirmation email from them in couple of days. Make sure you check your spam if you have waited long enough and didn't see the mail. Mine went straight to spam :'( Stupid yahoo : P

Good Luck!


Askmewhats said...

wow, congrats for the samples!!! do they shop to manila? hahaha I dont' think so :) thanks for this...and you're right, should put it to the fridge right away, even those liquid foundation on hot days like this!

Nanzy said...

you know what, i'm not sure...they could have offered International can try email them and ask hehehe

Anonymous said...

wow! I got the same samples. except o=for the eye cream. you'll love their moisturizer! I know I did. But other than that the drying mask smells baddd and the drying cream is okay.haha.. but I did order full size bottles of the buffering lotion, anti-serum, and the botanical facial gel!!!

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Thanks for the heads up!! I love free stuff and the samples look pretty generous!! I signed up!

Anyways, I have an Olympus Stlyus camera..I'm not sure how many megapixels. But yeah, I only took like 5 pictures and chose the best out of those..hehe

cheeeezie said...

i've read so much about Mario Badescu and i really wanna give it a try :)

i just did the survey and i'm waiting for the email response! let us know how the products work out for you :D

Nanzy said...

anonymous thanx for your info! i'm excited about the moisturizer now hehe

Audge, I'm sure Olympus has the same feature, just play around in the menu area, try find that 'flower' icon, that what makes the difference. Good luck, girl...and have fun with taking pics AS MANY AS YOU CAN !! hehehe

Cheeeezie, yay...just needa wait for their email & confirm your goodies ^_^ Will definitely update with these stuffs :) thanx for visiting my blog too :D

Leony said...

Yay enjoy your samples!
I used to love MB especially their glycolic foaming cleanser! The drying mask is horrible, blah I hate the smell for sure! lol I forgot what else I've tried lol.

I think I remember they usually charged me after I placed my order and after they'll send the invoice and shipping rates.

Nanzy said...

hi Leony!!!
apa kabar?

too bad I didn't get Glycolic Cleanser :( I wanted to try it ! booo
and what's so bad about the drying mask beside the smell?

Leony said...

Thanks Inan!
Baik2 aja, cum sibuk sama freelance job akhir2 ini.

Well, as far as I can recall nothing bad or super special about it but it does helps for oily and acne prone skin though.

Have fun trying the samples. The Enzyme cleansing gel is okay, but I think it broke me out badly a few years ago and that's why I stopped using it. So if you notice any pimple or cystic acne starts, stop using the Enzyme cleansing gel first.

Nanzy said...

ouch! i guess i'll try it some other time hahah i'm breaking out right now, Leony...I just started my OCM & all natural stuffs so I think I'm purging...(i HOPE i'm purging!! haha)

yes I'll definitely stick with ones that actually WORKS for me (refer to your comment on Skincare update hehe), wish me luck ne! I hate dealing with bad skins all the time *sigh*

Thanks Leony !!