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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lumiere & Classy Minerals

Yup, another haul from sampling minerals :D (refer to my 3 post below, you'll know what I mean). Couple of weeks ago I was looking around MMBB and somehow I came across Classy Minerals, I had a feeling they sell (mostly) the same stuffs. I contacted both Lisa (MMBB) and Trisha (Classy), asking about the samples, both are very helpful but Trisha was EXTREMELY helpful and she replied me faster LOL so I'd figure I chose Classy Minerals. Another reason, they offer cheaper samples (with container, not baggies) and cheaper shipping...

So I looked at their site and asked Trisha for recommendation. I had 2 shades in mind but not so sure, also one blush I wanted to try. She asked me to just listed what I wanted to sample and she would order it for me. So I did, and guess what...she went ahead and ship everything I listed .....FOR FREE ! (Don't you happy when you made a good choice? hehehe I'm sure Lisa is very nice too.. it's just a preference, right?)

And today, I was more surprised when she threw in some more stuffs she thought would match my skin tone, total 10 samples !!! how sweet is that???
1st Row: Face Primer, Translucent Veil, Illuminating Finishing Powder
2nd Row: Tan Bisque, Medium Beige, Medium Tan, Tan (All Foundation)
3rd Row: Russett, Kissed, Brick (All Blush)

Classy Minerals Foundation Swatches:
L-R: Medium Beige, Tan Bisque, Tan, Medium Tan

She really got my undertone right, coz out of four only Medium Beige looks abit too light for me. Medium Tan is actually darker than Tan, and I can wear them both (although Medium Tan looks scarily red in my hand)...probably Medium Tan will look better during summer :D Somehow I couldn't find Tan Bisque on their site, so I don't know if it's a new shade or smthn...

So I match Tan Bisque, Tan, and Medium Tan................isn't that weird??? or I'm just suck at judging LOL. Oh well, whatever the case I will be testing them on one by one to prevent any major misjudgment and serious headache (the last one is personal mwahah)

The blushes are gorgeous but somehow it didn't show up as nice on my hand I decided not to swatch them :(

Overall the foundation coverage is ok, medium I must say, so If you'd prefer heavier coverage maybe this is not for you.

ANOTHER reason why I love Trisha: She gave me 40% discount code for my next order ^_^!

Moving on to Lumiere, I only ordered 2 foundation shades (Medium Golden and Medium Deep Beige) both in Veena Velvet formula and 1 bronzer (California Gold)

I was like, oh crap, the Bronzer is just as dark as my foundation LOL

Lumiere Swatches:
L-R: California Gold (Bronzer), Medium Deep Beige (VV), Medium Golden (VV)

See how Medium Golden just sank into my skin? That matches me the best, but Medium Deep Beige is not bad, just a bit too pink. California Gold is a very natural Bronzer for me, gives a nice glow for all over face, but I don't think I will be able to contour with this one, it's not dark enough.

Now, the coverage is just awesome...I don't even need concealer hehehe, but I can't say anything yet about the staying power since I haven't tried to wear them all day. Will be testing these soon!

Yay I love new HGs!

Yesterday I mentioned I couldn't find Classy Minerals Russett and Kissed blushes, I also noticed I couldn't find Tan Bisque foundation in the site, so I mailed Trisha and it turns out Tan Bisque is a Liquid Concealer LOL LOL How smart am I for not reading the label? And the other loose foundation samples she sent me were formulated with liquid binder so I could use them as a Liquid Foundation by spraying my brush with water or facial spray.

F.Y.I Classy Minerals offer Liquid Foundation and Liquid Concealer in powder form, all you need to do is wet your brush and blend blend'll give you an airbrush and definitely more coverage, you can choose the shade from the normal loose foundation but this liquid shade is a bit darker.

And those blushes are their newest so Trisha said I am the first one to try! :D


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

oOo, you like full coverage foundie like. :) if so, you should SOOO sample buff'd! :) if you email them telling them you want to sample their colors, they'll send you three foundie samples for free! they'll also help you with foundie selection if you ask. :)

Also, that's SOOO nice of Trisha to send you free samples, and 10! Wow! Maybe I should e-mail her. hahaha. JK. :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

p.s. thanks for pointing out the swatches on the back of my hand in that one pic. haha. you've actually inspired me to change my side module picture cause of it. hahaha. i used that pic and titled it "True Beauty Blogger" then the caption says, "Rockn' swatches on the back of my hand" hahaha. :)

Nanzy said...

Ahahahahaaha I saw I saw !!! That's a rockin pic...I should have Hall of Fame like that for myself LOL

Btw I sampled Buff'd too a while back (I think I made a post raving about another free sample LOL I'm so cheap) and you know what's better, Jen from Buff'd mailed me again asking how I like her foundation, and honestly most of them are too light and she said she'd send me another 2 darker samples for free !!!!

They're on their way now :D Isn't she wonderful? I will def recommend Buff'd to everyone since their foundations are also rockin' !! Just like you and your swatches attempt hehehe

Anonymous said...

just to let you know i think ur blog is so helpful! so keep it up!!!!!!!!!! thanks! tell us more about how the lemon grass from GOW works out for you and the calamine bar. I would really like a review!!! take kare!

Nanzy said...

Hi !! thank you for your comment :D As for now I haven't tried the Lemongrass cleanser yet since I am trying the pineapple mists right now and I don't wanna try too many stuffs at once, but definitely will make a special review for it !! Just stay tune LOL

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Glad you liked Lumiere! So are you Nanzy or'm not sure what to nickname or name you...

I've never tried Classy Minerals. I'm still finishing up Lumiere before I move on to try Buff'd.