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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Woa, first entry !

Hi folks,

This would be my first post on my brand new blog I dedicated for my beauty addiction (Yeee Huuu!!!). I have another blog called Deafening Silence which is all about my rants, arts, poems, and stories I've written so far. I like to write, I love to express what I feel although for the next day when I looked back I always said "What the heck was I writing about?" but I normally keep it just to remind me what happened in the past (unless I was cursing on somebody in my journal LOL but that's RARELY happen).

Ok, so let me introduce myself. My name is Airinantha (whaaaaa??) ok, everyone call me INAN since my name is crazy long (but I love it, thanks Mom). I am Indonesian, 22 year old, just graduated from college in Japan.

My 4 years college life has really changed me, I guess that's how I FOUND myself, I got to meet interesting people in my international university, had a boyfriend for the first time (I was 17, first year, last for 2 weeks) and finally met my hubby in my last year. We both live in Hawaii now, in-between-jobs (read: unemployed) but are working our way to make it happen.

I love makeup and fashion. I have a modelling background when I was younger, appeared in some newspaper ad:

(I'm the second from left heheheh) ,TV, magazines, and have done couple of runway fashion shows back home in Indonesia. I got certified from John Robert Powers Academy for Personality Development and Modelling (so I know how to walk and talk hehehe). I also love to sing, joined this Indonesian Children Choir and thats how I met 3 other members of my singing groups who I made a Christmas Songs Album with. It was fun experience :D

And now, I have developed my makeup addiction to the max that I HAVE TO SHARE IT WITH ALL OF YOU. Well, I really hope I can connect with all other beauty addicts out there and I would like to hear from everyone's opinion. Let's say I'm a newbie here and I want to learn from all of you.

Pheeeeew that was pretty long huh? Ok, I'm closing right now and will be posting another soon.