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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Silk Naturals

Hi pretty ladies,

So I just joined this Makeuptalk forums a while ago, and i must say as much as i love how informative the members are, it's really BAD FOR MY WALLET !!!

OMG you have no idea, especially if you join their Mineral Makeup forum where everyone seems to have their favorites mineral makeup lines and insists you to TRY all of them. I am new to mineral makeup so the whole "Sample Trial" is my new hobby now.

Ok, so earlier this month (March 5th) I turned 22 and as a gift for myself (yeah, i'm sad i know) I bought myself couple of things online and mineral makeup-ing (if that makes sense) is one of them.

One of the first mineral lines i tried is Silk Naturals, although I heard from many girls they started breaking out from the Silk ingredients in it. I would like to try it on myself and see how my skin would react. So I went ahead and sample two blushes, a mineral glow, and 5 empty sifter-jar. I plan to sample their foundation pretty soon. And 2 days ago they arrived :D these are the picture:

Climax is stated as NARS "Orgasm" dupes and Siren is MAC "Global Glow" Mineral Skin finish.

This is how the blushes look like:

I wanted to try a matte blushes and since Climax has some shimmer to it I decided to try a gorgeous rosy pink matte blushes called "Jamie".

Siren doesn't look as dark as they appear on the site, it's a nice healthy bronze look that you can use as a bronzer or highlighter for a darker skin tone.

I haven't tried them on me since I am still trying Everyday Minerals kit, so I will update more soon.

Note: Silk Naturals has the cheapest shipping (only $2.00) in my opinion :D



Fabu-less Beauty said...

Let us know how Silk Naturals works for you. What shade are you in EDM? Oh, and I added you on my bloglist. =)

Nanzy said...

I'm currently wearing Medium Beige and Medium Summer (no, i dont mix it..just wearing them depends on my mood LOL)but both are a bit too light and yellow for me...idk i havent sampled the darker one yet, so yeah.. still deciding hehe

Thats great, i'm gonna add you too...*slap forehead* how could i miss you....hehehe