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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NOTD: Turquoise Gemstone ( Waterspotted Nail Art )

Hey guys!

A quick post on a mani I did today. It's called "Turquoise Gemstone", where I was trying waterspotted mani for the first time. I've seen this technique a lot, starting from watermarble nail art which I'm not really a fan of, but this particular style actually looks cool.

What I did, basically:
1. Paint my nails with turquoise nail polish (I used Icing Marine Blue), let it dry.
2. Fill a plastic cup/container with water (preferably filtered and room temperature).
3. Drop a dollop of black nail polish (I used WnW Black Creme) and make sure it dissolve within the surface of water, it'd look grayish and transparent.
4. Quickly spray any liquid containing alcohol (I used perfume, you can use hairspray or spray-able hand sanitizer) on the dissolving polish. This should "crack" the smooth surface into random spots.
5. Dab your nails on those spots. Wait 10 seconds before you lift up your fingers from the cup.
6. Dab gold nail polish (I used SH X-treme Golden-I) randomly on the empty spots very lightly.
6. Clean up. Apply top coat.

It does take a lot of practice & trial/error since not all nail polish dissolves nicely on water, also the alcohol spray..sometimes they don't work if the nail polish has been left for too long in water. 
I think it's so cool to try and you could even use more than 1 color if you like.

Tip: Tape your fingers around the nail beds with scotch tapes, it's simplify the annoying process of cleaning process. Trust me, you would want to do this.

Have fun & experiment!

Thanks for checking out!