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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Perfume Review: The Morbid The Merrier

Like many of you out there, I am always enamored by pretty things with an edge. The reason why I love crooked smiles, asymmetrical dresses, or Johnny Depp... you know, things that are nice to look at but you always know there's something just a bit "off" about them.

When I came across THE MORBID THE MERRIER (TMTM), I knew I was going to love what they offer......simply judging by the store name. It's dark, twisted, yet somewhat beautiful in their own way. They have great scent choices for regular line, as well as ODDITORIA, their supposedly "darker" line.

I purchased their 5 perfume samples pack for $12.50 along with a full size 5 ml perfume oil, which was a huge gamble considering it was my first time trying this company. The full size perfume is in a scent called Voix de Ville and the samples are: Morton, Cleo, Dhanya, Funhouse, Lucy with a free sample vial of Annabelle.


Voix de Ville 
"succulent, juicy, ripe red apple soothed and darkened by black fruit, decadent florals and sensuous green"

This scent makes me feel like Snow White...a twisted version of her. Snow White, whose prince charming never came around to rescue her, yet she never stopped waiting for him with her senile gown torn in 
several places, old twigs and branches caught in her jet black hair, smeared blood red lipstick on her pasty white skin. Snow White who lived way too long in the forest. Voix de Ville is unlike your ordinary apple perfume, it doesn't smell like DKNY Be Delicious if that particular fragrance comes into mind when you hear "apple" scent. Voix de Ville opens up with a distinctive juicy apple which warms up to a more complicated woodsy scent. It's a light, fruity fragrance with an edge. 

"buttery carnation, rich honey, and a bite of clove"
Holy mother bees of honey, this scent is so sweet. The peppery carnation welcomes you with a heavy dose of  sticky sweet honey and a warm spice of clove. It's a beautifully blended fragrance but I do find it somewhat cloying sometimes. Sweet and spicy, if you're keen of this type of fragrance, then Annabelle is for you. I, on the other hand, would prefer to eat this one rather than smelling like it :)

"black berries, sweet spices, pale musks, and dark woods" love for blackberries. Cleo is such a feminine fragrance with an unmistakable whiff of berries in the opening. No, you won't smell like a 12 year old goth girl although the darkness of dark woods would give you the similar vibe. Cleo is calmer, prettier, and less bitter. The musks certainly play into the surface once it settles on the skin and make Cleo much more hauntingly beautiful. I love this one so much.

"orange blossom, blackened amber, blood orange, whiskey, and a most decadent Indian white amber"
Dhanya is a gorgeous Neroli perfume. I was worried about the "whiskey" note because I'm not sure if I want to smell like a drunk...however it's not apparent by any means, only adding a sexy depth from the boring, wallflower-type of orange blossom scent you would find in Home & Garden isle. Dhanya is the most feminine of all the scents I've tried, and I would love to get a full size for the warmer Spring days :)

"fresh milk spun with black amber, ripe berries, and bright, wild sunflowers, hints of pepper and incense"
There's something nutty about Funhouse as soon as it hits my skin. I was a bit confused because there was no nuts or anything close to it in the notes description. Then, it morphed into something baby powder-ish and child-like. Perhaps it's the fresh milk? or Sunflowers? I have no idea. I was left hanging and a little confused about Funhouse, but in a fun, riddle kind of way... like when your crush is playing hard to get. Funhouse is soft, creamy, and cuddly. There is no harsh edge although incense and peppers were listed in the description. It's one of those snuggly perfumes you'd want to wear in cold rainy days with a mug of chai tea or something :)

"white musk, white sandal, vanilla bean, Indian white amber and white pepper"
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Vanilla and Musks? If I haven't then it's about time. The combo of vanilla and musks seem to scare away some people but I always enjoy them. I think they're very comforting and lovely. Lucy has all those positive perks with an addition of quirkiness. Amber and white pepper give that extra something something, creating this clean yet smokey vanilla musk (which reminds me of Eggnog, for some reason) that would make heads turn and noses sniff. It is painfully beautiful.

"earl grey tea, creamy milk, patchouli, vetiver, dirt, wood"
I was (and actually am ^_^) in a tea scents fragrance craze and Morton caught my eye with its earl grey tea and creamy milk notes. I love making London Fog (earl grey tea + milk + vanilla syrup) so I thought I must try this scent just for the sake of it. Unfortunately, the other notes are way too dominating in this and Morton smells really masculine on my skin. It's still gorgeous, smoky and expensive what a polished, well-experienced and middle aged shoe salesman in Neiman Marcus would smell like. It's just not for me, sadly.

The oils have a very good staying power, fast shipping, no leaking....overall service is great. Check out TMTM blog and their shop here.


noniq said...

New things for me since I've never heard about TMTM, but nice info, I will keep it until I get a chance to buy them :)