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Monday, July 18, 2011

Perfume Review: Wylde Ivy

Another long overdue review which I always regret and apologize for... I could swear to you I planned to blog about this company right after I received my order but apparently my brain was somewhere else along with my memories. Anyway, let's start before I forget about it again 

Wylde Ivy is a perfumery artisan whose product are uniquely blended and vegan friendly. I've seen them mentioned many times especially by those who enjoy musky and fruity-floral scents. Their blends are well known to be very complex, delicate and sophisticated. I honestly have no idea why it took me so long to make an order from them. I took a plunge and ordered their 5 Mini Perfume Spritzers Set from their Etsy store when they had a 15% off discount back in May.   

The scents I chose are: Indigo Moon, Simple Love, Moonflower, She's So Flirty, It's My Party (Good Girl Edition). Along with my order I was given 2 free sample vials in the scents of: Neroli Creme and Muse.
"Indigo Moon" ~Wylde Blend~  Indigo Moon, dreamed into being by a Wylde Ivy customer, is sugared plums, soft red currants, sweet cream apples, vanilla drenched musk, and sheer white amber. The waning crescent moon hangs delicately in the ink blue sky as a 1000 glistening jeweled stars pierce the indigo night. 

"Simple Love" ~Wylde Blend~ To honor my twin baby girls, I wanted to create a fragrance to reflect the amazing feeling of being the presence of uncomplicated, perfect, unconditional...Simple Love. A light, airy fragrance of euphoria, gentle and inviting. Like love, this has a delicate nature, yet invokes such powerful emotions. Let Simple Love surround you. Notes of: White Lily of the Valley, Dewy Moss, Pure Vanilla, Pink Jasmine, Mandarin Peel, Sweet Berry, and White Musk. 

"Moonflower" ~Wylde Blend~ This stunning cool floral blend invokes visions of sheer white petals glowing under the moonlight. Moonflowers are crisp white flowers that bloom under the rising moon. They fragrance the night with their gorgeous and subtle gardenia like fragrance. This is the scent of Moonflower petals wrapped in velvet moonlight, fresh jasmine and sandalwood, violets and sheer musk. This is a simply magnificent scent. 

"She's so Flirty" ~Wylde Blend~ She’s so sweet and so seductive. Her sweetness draws you in and her seduction ensnares you. She is charm, allure, and attraction in a petite, sapphire eyed, scarlet lipped package. She may be playing you, but it feels so good you choose not to care. She’s so cute. She’s so sweet. She’s so captivating. She’s so flirty.Notes of: Chilled green apple, smooth vanilla musk, white amber, sandalwood, a hint of jasmine petals, and citrus peel. 

"It's My Party, Good Girl Edition" ~Wylde Blend~ The good birthday girl is all sweet and charming. She glistens and sparkles and radiates pure joy. She's the embodiment of picture perfect in every picture ever taken of her, her smile practically glistens. Expect her to throw her own huge parties with people traveling from four states away to share her day. She loves the attention, she adores the primping, and she lives for this once a year day of her own.Notes of: Pure white vanilla frosting, a touch of sweet cream, rainbow colored sugar crystals, blackberries and currants, a dash of citrus and sticky candy, with a base of sugar musk.
"Neroli Creme" ~Wylde Blend~ The timeless, gracefully scent of orange blossoms meets the simplicity of pure vanilla cream. 
"Muse" ~Wylde Blend~
Muse [Middle English, from Old French, from Latin Mûsa, from Greek Mousa.] meaning a source of inspiration.
The Scent: Light and airy white musk meets delicately sweet ribbons of sugar intertwined around subtle notes of vanilla beans, orange glazed berries, and soft white florals. Be inspired.


Indigo Moon - On a cold sniff it smells very plum-y, it quickly settles down and the amber starts to emerge, making it deeper and almost smokier. This reminds me of a sugar plum scent which I honestly was never a fan of, very sugary with dry berries and a bit of musk in the background. This one is just an ok for me, I don't love it but it's also not offensive by any means.

Simple Love - Ok, I might be delusional but this is a dead-on Philosophy Falling In Love scent which I owned. I even Googled the notes and turns out they're pretty similar. I'm not calling it a dupe or anything because this is supposed to be Wylde Ivy's house blend but to my nose they are very very very similar. 

Moonflower - Be completely honest with you I ordered this one because of the name. You know my long sappy old love story with The Body Shop Spirit of Moonflower, so when I saw this scent I was kinda hoping to get something close to that discontinued scent, but WI Moonflower is nothing like it. This is obviously a white floral scents, on the first sniff I was welcomed by the gorgeous gardenia and jasmine. The musk appears after a couple of minutes and pretty much stays in the background. I can't really smell any violets although it was listed but I'm kinda glad because violet tends to be a little cloying. This blend is beautiful and I can see myself wearing it to a garden picnic or one of those spring days when you just want to smell light and pretty. Definitely a day time scent.

She's So Flirty - This one took me 2 tries to finally understand it, which is a shame because this turned out to be my favorites of the bunch. The green apple definitely dominant in this blend but don't worry, you won't smell like a jelly roncher because there is so much more to it. The sandalwood and amber add a sexy and mysterious vibe whereas the jasmine and citrus "beautify" this perfume and make it smells less fruity-generic. This blend developed on my skin and it smells more complex the longer I wear it. A must try, even if you're not an apple fan :)

It's My Party Good Girl Ed. - Sweet, sweet, sweet. I smell sugar, musk and more sugar. Those of you who enjoy sticky sweet cotton candy scents, this one is for you. If I tried this perfume back in 2008 I might have had enjoyed it very much but unfortunately this one is too been-there-done-that scent, which is definitely my fault for having to try too many similar scents in this category before. This perfume reminds me of BBW Warm Vanila Sugar which is a long time favorite of mine. I might wear this on my fun days when I feel like a teenager again, running around in midnight carnivals with two giant fluffy pink cotton candies in my hands.
Added: The drydown smells kind of odd for me, not sure what it is but it doesn't go well with my body chemistry. Boo :(

Neroli Creme - Amazing, is all I can say. Sometimes less is more because this blend only consists of orange blossoms and vanilla creams, but it smells soooooo dang pretty. It's soft, it's creamy, and it makes you want to cuddle with your lover under a giant blanket and your favorite sentimental movie playing on TV. Gorgeousness in a bottle, period.

Muse - I believe this is a revamp version of their famous line and people said they don't smell the same anymore. I haven't tried the old one so I can't really say much about it but what I know that Muse smells close to Pink Sugar, in a less-cloying way (which is why I felt like I'm very familiar with it). Again, the sugar definitely speaks loud and clear in this one, along with the musk and vanilla. I can't pick up too much of the floral but it does develop into something more complex than It's My Party Good Girl Edition. I like this one better, obviously, since I'm old now.

Final Say:

I am quite pleased with my order, and especially with the free samples I got, I definitely want to try more of their floral scents. Based on my experience, I could say that their sugary blends are no joke, and they are mostly overpowering the other notes. I am happy with the ones without, especially Neroli Creme and She's So Flirty. Overall a very good experience with Wylde Ivy, if you have tried them please leave me a comment below and let me know which one should I try next.

FYI, Wylde Ivy do offer 1 oz Perfume Spray for $17 or if you're international you may purchase their 1/3 oz Perfume Oil instead (since alcohol can't ship overseas) for $12. If you feel like sampling a bunch of fragrance, you can also do that, they have this 10 Perfume Vials for $15 deal, which I think is pretty neat. 


Hiddy said...

Thank you for posting this very helpful review =) I was about to place an order but was spoiled for choices by Wylde Ivy's scent offerings! I picked Simple Love and Neroli Creme because I'm a floral fan ^^

Shizznizzle said...

Hey Hiddy,
You're welcome! I still wear Neroli Creme because it's just soooo pretty and not offensive for daytime. Please let me know how you like them ok?