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Friday, July 29, 2011

Perfume Review: Wiggle

Wiggle Perfume and Sundries is a indie perfume oil company with burlesque theme store and label. As soon as you see the images and descriptions, you will immediately catch their sultry and classically naughty background. 
Catering to the unique female individual, even by the names and backgrounds they chose for their products, Wiggle offers a wide variety of scent depends on your preference (feminine, sexy, mysterious, fun).

I honestly was attracted by their labels and after long months of holding back I finally caved in and ordered six samples ($2.00 each) but I just noticed yesterday they raised up their price to $3.00 per sample vial. I had troubles narrowing down my choices but I finally settled with:

  • Anna May
  • Speakeasy Vanilla
  • Honeysuckle Sweet Tea
  • Sakura
  • Buxom
  • Manora
  • Lila (free sample)

(peony, green tea, wisteria, white musk, orchid, ginger, soft incense, lychee)
~ This smells like an airy spring days when the cherry blossom blooms and you sit with your picnic table, hair down, enjoying nature. Although the notes are mostly floral, they're not dominant. The lychee as a top note did gives a vibrant sweet opening but then the scent becomes softer and girlier. The incense and ginger are barely detectable unless you inhale really deep like a coke addict (ok maybe not really). The spices are somewhere in the background, hiding, and magically morph Anna May into a more complex fragrance.


(bourbon vanilla, sultry amber, frankincense, white musk, bay rum)
~ If you love vanilla scent and think Solstice Scent Cenobite is too boozy/sweet for you, give this a try because this one is like a more powdery version of Cenobite. The beginning is quite warm but the dry down is definitely more powdery and multidimensional. The incense is definitely there, creating this feminine, classic grown up vanilla. It's pretty soft and comforting. A must try.

(black tea, honeysuckle, golden honey)
~ Wow, this one is very realistic. It's a well balanced combo of those three notes above and I can't tell you which one is stronger just on a cold sniff. It's that kind of fragrance you wear in those sticky hot and balmy summer nights. A tea lover would really enjoy this one but on me the drydown smells just like honey which is not my cup of tea. HA!


(cherry blossom, Egyptian musk, red santal, fresh cut grass, nag champa, pink grapefruit)
~ You know you can easily tell that a scent is "old-fashion" but I can never actually know that there is such thing as "new-fashion" until I smell this one. Everything screams au courant, vibrant, fresh and modern. Not sure if I make any sense but scent wise, it's really unique, the pink grapefruit in the opening fools you into thinking that this would be a straight up fruity scent, but that's not the case. Not at all.

(rich bourbon vanilla, English rose, red musk, powder)
~ I frustrated myself yesterday because this reminds me of something I've smelled when I was a child but I can't remember what it is. After a long painful search on Google of "What Buxom smells like" and "Buxom reminds me of..." with no result, I give up and focus on the notes. It's a very classic feminine powdery rose that also has a dry pastry note (i know it's weird) but the site says Buxom usually evolves differently on everyone's skin so it may smell totally different on you.

(black tea, lotus, coconut)
~ Oh my god Thai Iced Tea creamy goodness come to me !!!! It's so yummy and the tea balances out the heady lotus note. I love how the coconut in this one smells dry, and not tanning lotion-y. A must try, definitely!


(lilac, black musk, vanilla, black tea, black rose, black pepper)
~ Don't you hate it when you order a bunch of samples and you get one free extra, and that one extra turns out to be your uttermost favorite? Yeah this is it. I actually was very surprised because Lilac on me always smells odd. Notice how 4/6 of the notes have "black" in them? :) This smells nothing dark or haunting, instead it's very feminine and soft. The lilac smells very romantic (if that's even possible lol idk) and makes you feel like a sexy retro actress going out on a romantic dinner; polka dot shoes, red lipstick, white pearls and all.

Their 5ml perfume oils are $15 whereas the 15ml are $39 each. Honestly I do think the price is quite steep and it's probably the only downside I can think of from this company. The perfumes staying power is decent, Speakeasy Vanilla and Buxom last the longest on my skin (around 5-6 hours) and some only hold for 2 (Sakura and Anna May). Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase and I'm considering to get Lila in full size when I'm not broke ^^


cominica said...

ah! I love burlesque theme! It looks so vintage and sexy! :D
too bad i can't find that in my country :(