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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review & Swatches: New Wet'n'Wild Items

Wet'n'Wild...Am I the only one thinking obscene whenever you see this brand? Errr yea, I sure am LOL but this is not a post about history behind a brand's name, this is a post about excitement, mystery, and satisfaction.

Sounds good? Well keep on reading.

I heard about WnW bringing an 8-pans palette probably before Christmas last year, so much anticipation and ladies on MUA could not stop talking about it. Even if you weren't interested before, you would be at least  curious on how well these palettes will be. Months past, and finally one by one started to chirp about spotting these palettes, but most of us weren't so fortunate, and not only because of the limitation that these palettes are Walmart & Walgreens exclusive.

So for a couple of weeks I actually believed that these palettes didn't exist (LOL) .. just to ease my curiosity and prepare for a huge disappointment in case my suck-ass Walgreens would never bring them in. Oh and by the way, my Walmart doesn't even carry Wet'n'Wild so that killed another possibility for me. BOO HOO.

Anyway, last week me & my bf went to Walgreens just to check things and they had a new display for Wet'n'Wild but they were mostly empty, only a couple of polishes and new trios were there. I asked the SA and she told me to come back on the weekend since their truck would have arrived with new stuffs by then. So I did, and luckily there were palettes available...but they almost ran out so if I was late by a day I don't think I would be able to snatch them.

Enough ranting/stories, onto the pretties!

Before I discuss about the palette, let me show you the nail polishes I bought from Wet'n'Wild. The first one is from their Halloween "Fantasy Makers" limited edition polish called Black Magic. It's black with multicolor strings....super gorgeous!

Then from their new Fastdry line, I picked up "Gray's Anatomy" which is supposed to be a dupe of Deborah Lippman "Wicked Game". I have it on my toes right now and it's SOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY.
Just look at eeeeeeeet !!!

Another one I got is called "Party of Five Glitters" ... it's like a freaking pinata in a bottle, I don't even know anymore, so cool looking.

Moving on to the new trios that everybody's been talking about called "Silent Treatment" (hehe @ the irony), I agree, it's such an amazing palette. 
Silent Treatment has a salmon-pink Brow Bone color, dark chocolate for Crease and silvery taupe for the Lid. Great choices, I must say.
And finally, these two suckers who had wasted a ton of gas for the trip I've made to search for them /shakes fist but they are so so so pretty so they are forgiven hehehe. I picked 2 from 3 that they have, "Petal Pusher" and "Comfort Zone". I skipped the blue palette just because I know myself and I hardly reach for blue shadows.
Petal Pusher
 (the first two rows)
 (last two rows)
Overall the color payoff is great, I had trouble with the (L) Brow Bone color (ivory one) because it's the most chalky out of all. The darker shades are insanely pigmented. I personally love the (L) Eyelid color (matte lilac one) because I don't have anything like it and it's super gorgeous in real life. 

Comfort Zone

(the first two rows)
(last two rows)
Comfort Zone has such an amazing color selection and payoff. Every single shadows in this palette is very pigmented. If you see the (R) Brow Bone color, the swatch can't even justify how gorgeous it I took a picture of how it looks on my finger.
If you could only get one palette, I'd say get Comfort Zone because the greens are gorgeous and the browns are amazingly pigmented. The (R) Definer color (the reddish one with green duochrome) is supposed to be a dupe for MAC Club eyeshadow too, it's gorgeous but honestly I think it's too coppery for my taste but I have yet to try it over black so I guess I shall not speak too soon ^______^ Overall, GREAT PALETTE!

That's all for now, I hope you can still find them in your local Walgreens or Walmart...they are $4.99 each and for 8 colors I'd say not bad at all. 

What do you think about them? Please do share, guys! :)
Til next time~


Tao said...

OMG! I'm obsessed with those WnW palettes. I got all 3 of the 8 shadow palettes. I've been using them nonstop! Thanks for the review/swatches!

Shizznizzle said...

^______^ my pleasure, doll

bettzy93 said...

i really wish i could own those palttes