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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Haul: Haus of Gloi (Valentine's Scent)

Another package showed up at my door and my mailman even made a remark "You always have packages that smell wonderful. Delivering to your house is my new favorite route if you ask me.", not quite sure if he was hitting on me or he was genuinely enjoy the smelling goodies lol (let's just hope the latter one...)

So this time is from Haus of Gloi, my old time favorite. I've talked to Britton a couple of times and it's just nice to see a young woman being very passionate about her business. Anyway, it's not the main reason I keep ordering from her, it's the quality of her products that made me go back wanting for more.

This time I ordered because I wanted to try her Litchi Milk Tea so bad, she hardly had it in stock months back so when she finally did a special on Valentine's, I caved in. Her TAT was less than a week and shipping was fast, I was very pleased with the entire process.

Now opening the package is a whole another experience because she did include cute polka dot wrapping papers in contrast with her goth black theme. Her labels are the greatest thing ever and they are very well sealed. No leaking, no spilling, no problemo.

Here are what I got:

  • Depravity Sugar Exfoliant
  • Something Hopeful Soft Bubbling Scrub
  • Litchi Milk Tea Soft Bubbling Scrub
  • Imp Perfume Oil sample
Pure corruption: clove, nutmeg lurk amongst the sweetest offerings of coconut, on a bed of rich golden amber, laden with dustings of sandalwood and spilled wine.

This smells like a wonderful spicy earth scent, it's very warm and sweet...very comforting. You know I don't really like spicy scent so I was worried if the "clove" and "nutmeg" would be too much for me...but boy I was proven wrong and I don't mind it : ) I'm Indonesian so smelling spices like this is like being at home getting traditional massage; the wine tho, rounds it up nicely and makes it smell rather sophisticated. This is a very complex and alluring scent to me. Glad I took the plunge and tried it.

Something Hopeful
Perhaps the first stirrings of the spring to come. Warm sakura blossom green tea with the tiniest droplet of plum juice, red mandarin and crystallized jasmine essence.

Green tea & Jasmine is probably my favorite fresh-floral combo other than something with Orange Blossom, and I'm always on a hunt for a great blend from e-tailers. Haven't had much luck in the past because most of them smell too astringent-y. This one is "almost" perfect for me. If I could describe it in one word it'd be "Fresh". It is very well blended so I can't just pinpoint scent that stands out, not sure if it's a good thing or not, depends on your preference. It also smells very clean and not offensive at all, soft and invigorating (from the citrusy mandarin, I s'pose?). The only downside is I guess, it's not too "unique" as I feel like I've smelled it before somewhere. Still nice to try :)

Litchi Milk Tea
Tart lychee fruit and black tea met with a splash of coconut milk.

Give me a Y, give me a U, give me a Mmmmmmmmm. Yes, this one is amazing. I've used this one a couple of times in the shower and the Lychee is just bursting out so fragrantly, it's like bathing with a bowl of real fruits. I can never understand how Britton nail this one so accurately. Some say they smell grapefruit in this scent, I honestly don't get any other fruit other than LYCHEE. The tea is not even bold like many other tea-infused scents and I do smell coconut milk in the background, but it's never surfacing to overpower the sweet fruit. I love this so much, it's very unique and fruity and amazing and all the good things in the world... lol

I've tried Imp before, click here for review :)

This is my first time trying her foaming sugar scrub (bubbling scrub) and I'm loving it too. I think I like it better than the Sugar Exfoliant just a tiny bit ^^

I found the label for Imp is kinda creepy-looking hehehe

Thanks for reading~


Ida said...

I always enjoy reading reviews on Haus of Gloi scents, and now, I want to try Litchi Milk Tea which I kind of ignored each time it came out. :)

Shizznizzle said...

Thank you Ida :) lol don't ignore it now....c''s looking at youuuuuuuu

Blovet Beauty said...

i love haus of gloi toO! it makes the bath smell so amazing after using it. sugar scrub is my favourite - gotta try some litchi milk tea