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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Unicorn Pee? It may be...

Even if it's not, let's just say it comes close although frankly speaking I have no idea how a unicorn pee is supposed to look like. This polish is Hard Candy "Beetle", which you can get at Walmart. I put this on and ever since never stopped admiring how gorgeous this polish looks. It has that duochrome tint that changes if you move your fingers around. The purple and green with some gold does create a beautiful creation that makes me want to create some eye makeups the same way : D Anyway here are some more pictures, pardon me for being too enchanted by it, I even forgot to take a picture with the bottle lol..oh well.


Hoozey said...

That is SUCH A COOL COLOR!! A few summers ago I found a red with gold that changed color depending on the light and I love it.

Ellen Ross said...

you have an amazing blog.
PS i adore this nail polish!

Ellen Ross
Ask Away Advice Blog

Frond said...

so similar to what I've got on my nails now... Orly's Space Cadet. love love love it!