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Monday, January 10, 2011

Favorite Beauty Product of 2010

Some are products I've bought/tried but never shared with you all, but worry not because I will give a brief review on those and why I think they're the bomb : )

1. Earth Glo Minerals Smooth Face Primer
It's my 2nd bottle, this product is comparable to Smashbox Photo Finish, leaving my skin silky smooth and doing a great job in "erasing" pores prior to foundation application. I love it more than MAC Prep + Prime (which I finished but I suspected broke me out somewhere along the line). This sucker only costs around $7 and although the bottle looks tiny, you actually get tons of product, and each application you only need a pea-sized blob for the entire face. You can get it here (not affiliated etc etc)

2. Pure Anada Mineral Foundation
Yep, still my HG Foundation, it's amazing for my acne-prone oily skin and for some reason it never runs out LOL...I've had it for the longest time and whenever I take a peek, it seems like I only use a tiny bit...idk it's a mystery. This is their site... my shade is Niagara Fawn btw.

3. NYX Blush in Raisin
This is what I use whenever I'm on the go or lazy because this color amazingly appears on my skin as a blush AND bronzer. I can just swipe it across my cheeks and I will look blushed and contoured. It works better on me during cooler months & when I'm slightly paler. It can be seen in this picture below:

4. Milani Sunset Duo in Sunset City
A dupe of NARS Orgasm & Laguna Bronzer : ) What more can I say, it's so wearable and gives me a healthy look. Plus it doesn't break me out and the sheen is actually not loud at all.

5. Too Faced Shadow Insurance
UDPP I love you and imma let you finish but TFSI is the best eye primer of ALL TIME!!!! loljk but seriously, Urban Decay...your product is great but your packaging sucks gargantuan balls. I'd prefer Too Faced just because it's a squeeze tube and it's been holding my eyeshadows like a mofo.

6. NYX Smokey Eye Palette
I didn't even bother swatching this palette because I bet all of you and your mothers have it already. It's such a cool palette to create a cool-toned smokey look and I also use the 2nd color from the left on the bottom row to fill in my brows.

7. Wet'n'Wild ColorIcon Palettes
Here's why.

8. Jordana "Fabuliner" Liquid Eyeliner
This eyeliner rocks my socks. I've worn them the entire time I was in New York during blizzard, snow, rain and sunshine (I'm not even kidding you...). The tip is very pointy, it doesn't smudge, it doesn't sting my eyes (I wear contact lenses), it's also easy to apply and very very cheap. Everyone should go buy one just because.

9. EOS Lip Balm
All cool kids have it, I like it personally too and the main reason why is because with this lip balm, I don't have to smear it around like I normally do with any other lip balm. What I do is to pout and rub this cutie across my lips. It's like cutting the job in half LOL yeah I'm THAT lazy, guys.

10. NYX Round Lipstick in Mars
Still my favorite shade from NYX, it's a perfect neutral-nude that doesn't make me look like death.

11. Drugstore Polishes
Awesome and affordable. Wet'n'Wild & Sinful Colors are my faves, with Sally Hansen comes next on the list. Look at dem sparkles....look at dem!!!

12. Victoria's Secret Amber Blackberry Velvet
This scents got me so many compliments and my bf who normally can't distinguish between the smell of Palmolive & Chanel Chance always asks what I was wearing... "because it smells good" ~ quoting him /roll eyes.

13. Equate Medicated Acne Gel
Well yes, I've gone back to Benzoyl Peroxide because sadly enough that's the only thing that seems to put my acne at bay. It's a similar product to Clean & Clear Persagel, only cheaper since it's a Walmart brand. Works as good  and my skin has been in control ever since I used it last October :)

Well there you have it, hope I've covered enough field and please free to ask me questions if there's any and tell me what products you have been loving last year.


pchelka217 said...

Sorry, I can't find a post with NYX Round Lipstick in Mars in your blog. Could you help me? This color seems interesting.

Shizznizzle said...

Here :)

justltee said...

Great breakdown of the top products for you. I just blogged about Jordana and EOS too!

I love EOS lip balms and you're right, you just roll it across both lips and you're done. The only thing is that my EOS lip balm has a butt crack in it now because of the way I apply it to both lips at the same time.

Jordana - this is a hidden treasure that I just found out about.

pchelka217 said...


she walks iin beauty said...

I couldn't agree more with your picks! I haven't tried them all, but the ones I have were definitely 2010 favorites! (NYX Blush, Eye Shadow Palettes & l/s, Wet n Wild Palettes, EOS, Sinful Colors...). Great post!


Loren said...

I've been using the jordana fabuliner for a while now and I've been loving it. I'm surprised it's not that popular

Askmewhats said...

I am so wanting to try the EOS lip balm, I was just talking to my beauty blogging friends about it! :)

Blovet Beauty said...

nice list! i cant use foundations at all but that sounds great for acne prone skin!

ylbb said...

i agreed w/5, 7 and 10. :)