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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Haul: Lunableu

This is a review of an order I made back in October. I've had great experience with Lunableu before and I wanted to try their tarts and I was also VERY curious about their foaming body scrubs. So on October 16th I made an order, knowing their TAT was a little long because of their Halloween special & sale. If I'm not mistaken their TAT was 3-4 weeks and my order was completed on November 4th and shipped on November 15th. To be honest I had no idea why it took 11 days for my order to be shipped out but anyway, I was so thrilled to receive it anyway.

What I ordered:

  • Foaming Sugar Scrub Splits 8 oz in Blackberry Sugar & Crimson Candy
  • Cupcake Cuties in Gingerbread Noel & Pink Fairy Dust
But to my surprise I got 5 tarts (3 extras). The extras are in Death by Cotton Candy, The Raven, and Mandarin Orange Cupcakes.

Scents Description:
1. Blackberry Sugar: ~lunableu blend~ Fluffy cotton candy, sweet pink sugar, and juicy blackberries.
2. Crimson Candy: ~lunableu blend~Real Italian Blood Orange, Sweet-tart blackberries, Candyfloss and the sweetest Orange
3. Gingerbread Noel: ~lunableu blend ~ Fresh baked gingerbread with Vanilla Bean Noel Type.
4. Pink Fairy Dust: ~lunableu blend ~ Exclusive new blend of Pink Sugar, Madagascar Vanilla, Warm Vanilla Sugar, and a little something special. Very beautiful and warm blend.
5. Death by Cotton Candy: ~lunableu blend~ Loads of Fluffy Pink Cotton Candy, Red Candy Apples, and tons of Candied Strawberries dipped in Vanilla Cream.
6. The Raven: ~lunableu blend ~ Vanilla Madagascar, Rice Flower & Shea with Sweet- Tart Blackberries and Marshmallows
7. Mandarin Orange Cupcakes: -I can't seem to find description on this, but it smells like a sweet orange mixed with vanilla cupcakes, very warm, sweet and mouthwatering.-

The scrubs are perfect, I love its consistency, it's not too scrubby but not runny either, nicely whipped and strongly scented. I adore the mix of blackberry and blood orange ever since I tried Get Whipped Blood Orange Blackberry scent and since that store closed, I've been in search for the closest scent I could find. The mix of Blackberry Sugar and Crimson Candy is superb, no notes overpowers the others, they're all nicely blended and it's sweet, fruity and uplifting.

Scent wise, Lunableu never disappoints. The reason why I only ordered their "special house blend". Gingerbread Noel is really yummy, normally gingerbread scent can be too spicy but this one is just creamy and you can smell the VBN peaking thru. Pink Fairy Dust is a re-order for me, I love Pink Sugar blend and PFD is very sophisticated and unique. I can't really describe it, you just have to try it yourself :)

Death by Cotton Candy is LB best seller and I always wondered why people love this so much, I'm glad Tanya threw this in for me to try. The scent is very fruity and sweet, on a cold sniff you get a lot of apples and it gets sweeter as the vanilla and cotton candy start to emerge. Honestly I can't smell the strawberry but this scent is again, very sweet, so I'm sure Strawberry chips in to its sweetness factor :)

Now, The Raven. HOLY SHIT. I have found my crack. I didn't expect to love it this much but I've been burning this tart for days non-stop (and it's still going strong fyi) It's soft yet creamy and fruity...this scent is so unique too, I don't think I've ever smelled anything like this before. So yeah, if you decide to order from LB, GET THIS ONE!!! I highly recommend it.

Eye Candy ^^

Isn't the scrub beautiful? It's sparkly heheh : D


wuzzyangel said...

Swear they need to invent smell o vision just for your blog! LOL!

Hope all is well with you!! Do you miss HI yet? LOL? But at least you get to have a real winter now!

Phoebe Limanta said...

just stopping by to say hello! :)

those scrubs look so delicious i want to eat them... :| is that weird??