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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Haul of The Day : Isle of Eden

Yet another bath & body haul post =) I forgot if I mentioned this, but I've been in a no buy since Christmas and just recently started to jump back into the scrub bandwagon, head first. I'm seriously helpless and blaming the summer weather for wanting to buy more fruity scents like watermelon, blackberries and bubblegums.

Anyway, I purchased Isle of Eden scrubs (really forgot when exactly) and received them pretty much within their previous TAT. I know some people are still having problems with their orders but fortunately it never happened to me as far as ordering goes *knock on woods*. I bought 2 smaller size of Sugar Glow scrub, probably the only product I think is worth ordering from IoE. I heard their EDP and hair conditioner are fab as well, but I have yet to try those.

The scents that chose were:
1. Blood Orange Sunset Cake - Could a beach with a blood orange sunset be any prettier? We don't think so! You'll love this tropical treat just as much! Blood orange blended perfectly with juicy pineapple creme, mango mousse cake with an additional of Sugar Cake.
2. Pink Dream Angels - Heavenly Dream Angel (Victoria's Secret Type), kissed with Angelic Pink Sugar (Aquolina Type).

Blood Orange Sunset Cake

You know how I love me some Blood Orange, and this is just a gorgeous blend of orange, with a hint of pineapple and mango. The orange is surely dominant but the other 2 just give an extra oomph to the fruity summery goodness. This is a must try.

Pink Dream Angels

This is an amazing blend, I love every Heavenly dupe out there better than the original Victoria's Secret one (weird, i know) and I wouldn't have thought that mixing it with Pink Sugar would smell this great.

The Sugar Glow scrubs consistency never fail me, they're nicely whipped and packed to the brim. Alexa sprinkled some fine glitter on top and they're just gorgeous to look at. I have another review of CYS coming soon, so stay tune for that =)

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wuzzyangel said...

Damn you're back with the "wish I had SMELL-O-VISION" posts! Haha!! I swear you make every bath product you haul sound so good! But I'm not a big fan of products w/ the glitter! LOL!

So are you gonna go see WG?! LOL!

Blovet Beauty said...

oh wow. Now u've got me lusting for bloog orange sunset cake. I smell another etsy haul coming soon!